Monday, 9 May 2011

Stockholm 2011

In the previous post you got to see the tourist side of Stockholm with the old parts of town. But Stockholm isn't at all stuck in the old days, and has a lot of modern design to offer its visitors. Because of Easter we were lucky enough to get a relative cheap room at Nobis, the "Elle 2011 designer hotel of the year" in Sweden. It also had a great location, with a short walking distance to most of the central city.

When we first arrived I wasn't sure if it was a shop for designer lamps or a hotel. They had a collection of globe lamps from all over the globe! Very beautiful!

And even on cloudy days there's a beautiful light in the restaurant!
The Vitra Cloud Lamps are designed by Frank Gehry and assembled on the spot.

The lounge in the old backyard.

The ceiling is based on a photograph, looking up at the sky through the treetops.

A little angel was looking down upon us from the top of the wall over the bed.

Some of the other design treats I found.

On a walk to Kungsholmen we saw the new Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre by White Arkitekter. We were so lucky to get a private tour in it by one of the staff from the adjacent hotel. The conference hall could serve dinner for 2000 guests at once, catered by the hotel. We also got to see a junior suite on the top floor of the hotel. Unfortunately the photos from the suite didn't turn out very well because of all the bright sunlight from the windows.

We also visited Moderna Museet (the Museum of Modern Art) with a photo exhibition. In the restrooms/toilets there was a 1:12 miniature model that was filmed and displayed on a little TV outside. I almost didn't dare going inside in fear of being photographed "in action" and was relieved (!) to find the model inside.

Moderna Museet shares its vestibule and shop with Arkitekturmuseet (the Museum of Architecture ). Its permanent exhibition of models in different scales displays the architectural history of Sweden.

Some even seemed to be in dollhouse scale. Wouldn't it be great to play with these ones?


Daydreamer said...

OOOHH, I LOVE those models, Helene! I would play in them for sure! I think the modern edge to Stockholm is interesting too.... but not my favorite part :)! But I do like the courtyard lounge in your hotel with that fantastic ceiling! I like some modern architecture for its sheer bravado and unbelievable forms.... it is like art to be lived in that way. But I'm not sure it is "comfortable" living! Fascinating and different and startling!

My Realitty said...

First the lamps! Such wonderful imagination, then the playfulness of the women's legs! I love trompe l'oile (SP?) I want to go to that hotel too!
And architectural models, real perspective, ooooo la la, Slip one of your chairs in as avant garde mini ism. (I just made that up!)
Fun post! CM

Anonymous said...

The rest room 1:12 looks very realistic.

Modern MC said...

Oh! That last structure would make me so happy to play with. You should have slipped it into your purse and sent it to me in the States...

Pubdoll said...

Hi Betsy, I think the best modern architecture gives the inhabitants more comforatble living, but I see what you mean :-) We once visited the Vitra factory, where Zaha Hadid had designed a fire station that now was used as storage beacuse the firemen got dizzy when working there!

Pubdoll said...

Thanks CM, and fun comment :-)
Yes, I loved the lamps the most in Stockholm and the Marilyn Monroeish leg lamp was really outstanding!

Pubdoll said...

Hi Tam toum, yes at least the rest rooms had me fooled!

Pubdoll said...

Ha, ha MC, how big do you think my purse really is? I must tell you I just saw a programme about Marwencol and it's maker on Swedish television. I think it was you that made me aware of the project a while ago. Some stories just gets to you, don't they?

Sans! said...

Helene, what a treat for me! I love what you have shown us. My sister will have loved these! Design treats indeed. That waterfall looking building is just gorgeous!

So funny you were sleeping with an angel looking over you :). The designer has a sense of humour :).

And they let you take pictures in the museum? Very nice scale models but I still prefer the 19th century one for my European architect ! :)

Ok, gonna read all the posts that I have missed!

Pubdoll said...

Thank you Sans, it was your comment on taking pictures that made me take so many. So thank you for the reminder!

The angel was really cute, but it was difficult to photograph since everything was so white. Alas Trond didn't even see it!