Thursday, 19 January 2012

Exhibition / Inhibition

Hello to all friends and a happy new year! Just a quick visit to promote an art exhibition opening tomorrow, Friday, Jan 20 7-10pm at Control Room 2006 East 7th Street in Los Angeles, California, curated by Tommy Høvik, my cousin's talented son:

Crystallomancy brings a group of artists from the emerging art scene of Oslo, Norway to Los Angeles. Curated by Tommy Høvik and Zac Tomaszewski, the show brings together disparate practices across a wide range of media united by a bedrock engagement with ideas of perception and expanded reality - whether by referencing sci-fi tropes or the paranormal, or by trying to craft perceptual experiences that are surprising to apprehend, for their novelty, confounding nature, or overwhelming aspect.

The exhibition will run for a week, from Friday 20th January to Sunday 29th January.

I owe you all an explanation for my absence and a deepfelt thank you for all your friendly (but unanswered) requests and good wishes. It's here: It's not that I don't care anymore, but I can't write! My husband is helping me even with these few lines.

Did that sound like I'm living in some sort of personal hell? I'm not. I'm fit and well, and I've been doing all sort of fun stuff that I want to show you when I'm ready. The main problem is that my mind goes blank every time I try to write something personal. And taking photos gives me earache of all things. I think it's because a demanding year at work has worn me out. It's been a satisfying year, though, with interesting projects, but perhaps a little too many at a time. And it doesn't help that age finally caught up with me and I had to start wearing glasses. I'm still not used to it and get terribly tired after a day in front of the computer screen.

I'm getting better, or else I couldn't have done this post, and I hope to be back soon, but I won't risk anything by starting too early.

Please comment. If I freak out, I promise I won't say anything.


Daydreamer said...

Hi Helene! It is WONDERFUL to hear you are okay! I am just happy to know you have been busy, if a bit overwhelmed! Blogging can wait! Just take care of yourself and give yourself the Time and Space you need! Rest assured I am thinking of you and hoping you will EVENTUALLY get your Blogging and Mini world back! But no rush! It is enough to know you are working on projects and ..... yeah, that GLASSES thing.... I can relate to that! LOL I STILL struggle with wishing I could see like I once could.... ! Get the glasses that are "graduated" and not just bifocal... it made a BIG difference for me!
Happy New Year!
And your Cousin,s Son's Exhibit sounds Fascinating! Good luck to him!

dale's dreams said...

So good to get an update from you! :) Glad you are busy and all, it's all a process at times, you know? You are one that I think of often, even though we don't always touch base, as they say.

I'm about to get the graduated glasses as well!

Take care dear, and know, that it can wait, we'll still be here when you are ready to get back into it.

Taking care of you, should always be first and foremost. :)

Modern MC said...

I was JUST about to post a "I miss Pubdoll" note on my blog. So glad to hear that you are doing okay! You are missed, Helene! Yes, the "aging" thing is quite terribly annoying.
Looking forward to hearing more from you.

*annina* said...

Good to hear from you, Helene! I miss your funny stories... but I'm not any better at updating my blog. Although I've got a pretty good excuse - my first baby is due in five weeks or so! It would be great to read from you soon again.

Oese said...

Auch von mir ein herzliches Willkommen zurück, liebe Helene. Auch wenn es vielleicht langweilig ist: Ich habe dich sooo vermisst. Ich kann nichts anderes sagen als die anderen alle.
Und ich bin froh, dass du ok bist. Mit Würde und Freude älter werden ist eine Aufgabe, die wir alle früher oder später meistern werden - und dann ist es sooo schön, glaub mir.

Bist Du genauso begeistert wie ich von Anninas Neuigkeiten?

Eine Umarmung!

Pubdoll said...

Thank you Betsy and Dale for your good wishes and advice, I think I must get me some graduated glasses soon :-) Just having made this post did make me feel a little better!

Pubdoll said...

Thank you MC for the intented note, perhaps I should have waited a few days to do my post :-)

Pubdoll said...

Thank you Annina, and I'm thrilled to hear your fabulous news, thank you for sharing them!
I suppose it will be hard for your other minis to get your attention for a while now:-)

Pubdoll said...

Thank you Petra, I have missed you too, and I have been so mad at myself for not being able to write a single line! But as you can see, I'm on the mend, but I'm still taking it slow.

And yes, wonderful news from Annina, and I'm really excited too, even though I suspect there will be little time for miniatures for her for a while now...

Pepper said...

Hey there Helene. I think we'd all rather you took some time for yourself and felt better than blogging. It is nice to know you're okay though.

Take care x

Nicola said...

Dear Helene

I´m happy your are (kinda) back again :) And I understand you very well. I think writing blogs is a bit to time consuming sometimes to stay tuned 100%! I always have ups and downs and sometimes I´m out of words, too... I will be happy if you find yours back in the future and will be also happy with pictures without words. And it´s also a good feeling to know you still have your hobby and you are still playing ;D

Hugs, Nicola

Mini Dork said...

Wonderful to hear from you Helene, you have been missed. I hope you find the time you need and don't over budget your self. We're here whenever you have time, but your health and happiness come first. We can wait. :D

Amy said...

I kept checking back, and I'm so glad you're here, Helene! I completely understand how it gets, and the point is that you're okay. I hardly have a day when I can do just one thing, and when I do it usually involves deadlines and pressure, sucking the joy out of it. It gets very hard to divide things up, to give each thing I want to do the time and energy it deserves. It's just good to read you again.

Joel said...

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Sans! said...

My dearest Helene,

I have missed you so but firstly, a happy belated birthday. :) Did you spend it well?

I have been wondering about you so much especially as I was in Europe just a month ago. I finally went to my first dolls house show . And the Arnhem one too !

My dear, I hope whatever afflictions you had, you get over it soon. Because we all missed you! Very much !

johanna janhonen said...

Congrats, you got the MTW Award 2012 :). See

quan ao tre em said...

just join it, happy!