Friday 4 May 2018

A passage homage

My poor Nora and Helmer have had to cope with an open bathroom for years, with no wall between the bathroom and the passageway outside the bathroom. But finally they can get some privacy doing their business.
This is what the bathroom looked  like before. (The floor in the passageway had been damaged by previous owners before the house was bought by Nora and Helmer)

And now with the wall. Doesn't it look like it's been there forever?

 (And maybe it has?)


The new wall is removable, it leans to a simple cornish in the top and has a small bend at the side to make it stand on it's own.
The burgundy wallpaper is from "Søstrene Grene" and the two prints on the wall are by Bruce Holwerda. I really love his work!

The rug is a fabric sample from work, the new cupboard on the side landing is vintage Lundby or Barton,  I believe. The silver traditional ale bowl on it is a charm, and the chest was my grandmothers.  She displayed it with other miniatures and small items in a shelf in her kitchen, and I always admired it! 

The pictures the top of the stair walls are the same I have in my stairway. (see below)
 This one is painted my my grandmothers oldest sister, as a copy of the well known Gauguin painting. I inherited both these paintings from my grandmother when she passed away.
I made a miniature copy of the second one, but have given away the original (this is by the way the original size) and just used a printed copy for Nora and Helmer, which suits the Lundby scale better.


Daydreamer said...

Hi Helene! I am so happy to see another post so soon! And your topic.... that embarrassing open bathroom.... is one that I wrestle with in my "Lovely Old Dollhouse"! I have made NO progress on that bathroom in part because of this open feature. But your removable wall has given me some ideas I might be able to use in my house! The freestanding "L" shape could be what I am looking for! And of course, your new hallway has tons of appeal with the beautiful artwork taken from real paintings you have and the chest that was your grandmother's! Those kinds of details add so much to the place, even though the meaning is unknown by casual observers. I love being able to see in through doorways to areas that are only partly visible!

Pubdoll said...

Hi Betsy, so nice this post could serve as inspiration for your lovely old dollhouse! This was an easy post to do, most of the work consisted of choosing wallpaper for the new wall, from there everything was easy, I already had put the chest up there to help balance the wall (It's not a big L-shape ont he wall) and decided that Nora and Helmer should have the same pictures ias me. Even taking photos was easy, I had just two short session before I was pleased :-)

I was very close to my grandmother, she was the old-type grandmother, made jam from her berries in the garden and delicious buns and cakes and taught me also to play the piano when I was six years old. She and my grandfather lived in a big, old, art noveau house, and I'm now trying to recreate the christmases spent there in my own home.

Petra said...

I really love these fotographs, you are so talented with working on miniatures, with the fotographs and telling funny stories. I saw it already on flickr and enjoyed.
So glad you are back on blogger, Helene!
That inspires me to make another blogpost of my own.
Hope all is well! Greetings from Germany!

Pubdoll said...

Hi Oese, so nice to hear from you, sorry for this veeery late reply, I forgot that I hadn't checked in on blogger for å while, and forgot that I have to moderate comments before they show up, so found your nice comments just now.

Last springs work was fun but so much work that I haven't played any more wth miniatures since then until now. Iv've been rearranging the placement of all my houses, so they are now all in a mess and in desperate need of tidying and spring cleaning. So far only their outsides look good.