Saturday, 29 May 2010

Back in business and ready to party!

Yeah! Finally my computer is fixed and I also have some time to blog again. This last month has been very busy, travelling twice to my hometown to celebrate birthdays and the national day with my family. In the spring the garden needs much work as well and we have painted the exterior of our house, so not much time left to spend at the computer.. I will thank you all who have sent me nice messages and comments in my absence, I so appreciate it!

And what better way to celebrate the "comeback" than with a party?
After Alexander Rybak's big win last year, this year's Eurovision Song Contest is held here in Norway, so Karl Edo just had to throw another Eurovision party this year. He has prepared the room all week, he has even put up special wallpapers for the occasion! He was a bit low when the Lithuanian boys didn't get to to the final, but he taped their performance and is playing it over and over again while waiting for the guests to arrive.

The Euro bar with French champagne, Spanish wine and German beer.

Sushi, finger food and snacks for the guests.

And now the guests have arrived. Nora, Helmer, Polly Line, Dolly Barton and Fiolett paa Traaden are of course invited, and on Nora's request, the newcomer in town, Jean Marie du Bedauré, as well. Jean Marie hasn't forgotten Polly Line from the carnival and has taken the seat next to her, hoping to get some time with her. But since he's not really very into the song contest and talks about everything but the show, he's not able to catch Polly Line's interest, so he turns to Nora instead.

They are all cheering for Didrik's "my hard is yours"

The Serbian singer makes even Karl Edo raise his eyebrows.

The Belarus butterflies are a big success. Great outfits always trumphs great songs.

Karl Edo is strangely disappointed over this year's Greek contribution, it seems even Mediterranean gigolosity can be taken too far.

The Icelandic song got the party swinging, but the Ukrainian song wasn't exactly made for dancing. Great song though! But Jessy the Matador from France got them all back on their feet again.

The Rumenian song was also popular, especially since the male singer lives in Norway.

The rugged Russian made all the girl swoon, Helmer enjoyed the song, but would have preferred it in Russian.

Lena and Germany's song was this year's favourite of most of the party, Arne Vaa prefers tuxedos, ballads and Didrik. But the Israeli singer fits the aquirements as well.

And now the result is ready and they picked the winner!
Congratulations Germany, Lena, Oese and Nicola!

Credits: Marshmallow sofa by Reac, bar chairs by re-ment. The bar is a Fisher Price sofa (thanks to callsmall for the idea), decorated with glitter foam, the table is from Lundby, also decorated with glitter foam. The wallpapers are also glitter foam and a placemat. The cubes are altered place card holders. The floor vases are by Jonathan Adler for Barbie. The food is by re-ment and real popcorn.