Sunday, 28 November 2010

15 minutes of fame

Ever since Karl Edo got a telephone from a reporter from the journal Moustique who wanted to interview him about Spook House, he's gone around himself in circles. She told him that she would bring a photographer and visit both his home and his shop for the interview, and now he has to make sure that both places are presented in the best way possible. Luckily there isn't much to do about Spook House after he refurnished the exhibition room with the new furniture from Minimii, but his livingroom wasn't even close to its normal perfection after his summer party.

But hard work pays. This is his livingroom just before the journalist and the photographer are expected to arrive.

In the last minute he decides to add a newly arrived red swan chair from Minimii.

Eager to propagate the image of the good host, he has bought some luxurious chocolate to serve them, colour coordinated of course.

Then they arrive. The journalist is Secco Line (Trine Line). Karl Edo hadn't met her before, but Polly Line had mentioned her to him, since she's a cousin of hers. Polly Line had only nice things to say about her, which helps ease his nerves. They shake hands and he offers her some chocolate before they are seated for the interview. Karl Edo, who's usually the rather silent type, becomes much more eager and talkative when he can talk about his favourite subject - modern design - with a good listener. Meanwhile the photographer is upstairs taking photos of the bedroom and terrace.

An hour flies away and the photographer comes downstairs to take photographs of the livingroom. He even moves the furniture around to tidy up his photos. Karl Edo says nothing, but can't help thinking about the tidying up he has to do afterwards. But he's still very happy with it all and can't wait to see the finished article.

Credits: This story is loosely based on real life events, I will tell you more later if or when there is more to tell. For more information on the character Secco Line (Trine Line), read Spirou et Fantasio (Sprint) :-)
The leather furniture is vintage Lundby, the diningroom chairs are re-ment, the diningtable is repainted vintage Barton, and the coffeetable is made by me. The shelves are made of Lego windowframes. Lamps are vintage Lundby and made by me, inspired by Minimodernista's lamp. Accessories are books from Lundby, TreeFeathers and Oese, re-ment and mini finds from all over Europe.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Cold bottom, hot seats

It's a dark and stormy night. Polly Line (still in one piece if you wondered) wants some new chairs for her livingroom and goes to Spook House and her good friend Karl Edo to see if he has something for her. His style's usually too glamorous for her, so she don't really expect to find anything, but on the other hand she's very pleased with the sofa from Annina she bought from him last year. Shivering, she hurries inside.

Karl Edo has actually just received a package of Arne Jacobsen furniture from the Danish company Minimii, and is happy to see Polly Line.

Polly Line already has a purple Arne Jacobsen egg chair, but is thrilled to see a lime green swan chair in the shop. She has to try it out at once!

While sitting in the swan chair she spots some seven chairs she really likes too.
But she doesn't like the price just as much, they're quite expensive.
Being the salesman he is, Karl Edo flips one chair to show her how well these chairs are made and explains that they'll last much longer than cheaper copies.

More photos of the Spook House interior.

Credits: The lip picture on the wall is a postcard from callsmall. The lip sofa is made by me in polymer clay. The large lamp, the ballclock and the lego table underneath it are also made by me. Arne Jacobsen swan and seven chairs by Minimii. Accessories are mostly re-ment and Elisabeth Causeret. Moon lamp, Karl Edo's sweater and mini mini seven chair by Cocco.