Sunday, 21 March 2010

Polly Line's new kitchen

After a year with lots of stress at work, my head has been completely blank these last few weeks, so I have hardly been able to post, or even comment on your blogs. Instead I helped Polly Line finish her new kitchen. That is, she did most of the decorating, but she needed some chairs and a table, so I found some used ones for her. And you're all most welcome to come inside and have a look!

View from the living room

She also found a little spot in the corner of the kitchen for her computer.

A lent lily is blossoming on the windowsill next to a little glass ladybird. Where did she borrow it?

Salad for one.

Wall art by Frank Lloyd Wright, one of Polly Line's favourite architects.

Full view of the kitchen.

Credits: The kitchen is the newest Lundby type. The chairs are vintage Lundby and the table is vintage Barton. The tabletop was originally red, but I painted it black with watercolours that'll easily come off should I/she change my/her mind. The computer table is vintage Triang. The ceiling lamp is Lundby, originally the colour was brass, but I painted it. Shopping bag by Cocco. Metal artwork on wall by Frank Lloyd Wright. Accessories are Lundby, re-ment, Polly Pocket, beads, self made and ebay finds. Most of the flowers are from Sans.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

One year blog anniversary

Seems like many of us started blogging about a year ago :-) One year ago today, or more correct yesterday, since it's already past midnight now, I posted my first post on this blog. When I started I wasn't sure how long I could keep on blogging, I counted the rooms in my doll's houses and thought it would be difficult to continue when I had shown all of them, but I'm still here, and with even more rooms and houses as well :-)

For this occasion I would have liked to prepare a big scene for you all. I also thought of showing you all my houses, but instead of finishing any of the projects I'm working on, I have moved most of my houses into our guestroom/my workroom-to-be. So now there's a total mayhem inside all of them. Instead I thought I should go back to "the roots" and show you old photos of Nora and Helmer's house. Until a few years ago, it was the only house I had, with the exception of the old wrecked house I had from my childhood. I didn't even have Nora and Helmer!

These photos are from 1995, and I had just replaced my childhood standard Lundby house with this Lundby Stockholm house which I found in a flee market. It had damaged wallpapers in the livingroom and floor in the kitchen, so the first thing I did was to put paint the livingroom and put wallpaper and lists in the corner of it and paint a linoleum look-alike kitchen floor. New curtains and plants, and the rocking chair is a gift received a few years earlier from very nice classmates, the rest is my old furniture.

I hadn't discovered ebay yet, so almost everything in these pictures is furniture from my childhood. But I bought a new kitchen, since there was almost no doors left on the old one. In a craft shop I found a plastic sheet of blue tiles, which I put over the kitchen bench. The cookie tins and the casseroles on top of the shelves are also new. These pictures are photos of photos taken with my old camera, so I'm sorry they are a bit blurry.

The dining room. The original colour of the chairs was white, but I painted them so they would fit the colour of the other furniture. The floor urn I bought in Crete when I was 16.

This is my first doll, Osvald, in the bathroom, all the furniture and the washing machine is from my childhood. I later replaced it with a green bathroom set, bought on a trip to Stockholm in 1997. After I bought the wooden paneled bathroom, I gave both sets to my daugther.

The basement is the only part of the house which has survived my childhood. Earlier I had the sewingroom there and the blue living room, the blue livingroom is still there. But I can't remember when I first painted it blue. The only original items here is the blue shelf, the frames and the fireplace accessories.

Here are the bedroom and Helmer's study to be. The only new furniture is the low shelf with turquoise sliding doors on the right, which was bought at the same flee market as the house.

Some years later I made a garden as well, the bicycle and the little red chair are the only new items here. And lego of course :-)

I hope you have enjoyed this little tour :-)

Thank you very much to all of you for making this year so much fun and cheers to another year of blogging!