Sunday, 21 February 2010

Sacré Bleu!

Karl Edo has finished redecorating his bedroom - for now.
Apparently blue is a hot colour this year.

When the evening comes, the lamps are lit.

Deco delights.

View from the terrace.

Full view of the Stockholm house.

Credits: The art is by Tamara Lempicka From the left: Portrait of the Marquis d'Afflito, 1925, Portrait de Marquis Sommi, 1925, Tamara in the Green Bugatti, 1925, the last two in Lundby frames. The turquoise sidetables and floor lamp are Lundby, the Barcelona chair is Reac, the bedroom furniture is an ebay find. Lamps above the bed and bedspread are self-made. Accessories are Lundby, re-ment, ebay finds and self-made. Books are made by Grace/TreeFeathers.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Valentine's day

Today Nora got a visit from Polly Line who just had to show someone the two giant bouquets of flowers she had received today! None of them came with a a card to tell who had given them to her, but she thought (and hoped) that she knew at least one of them :-)

Polly Line was quite surprised to find Nora still in her Carnival outfit and told her so. Nora blushed and said it was because Helmer really had liked her in it! And Nora had no reason to be envious of Polly Lines many flowers either. Helmer must have tried to make amends for last year when she didn't get anything, so he had filled all the vases in the living room. And since it's also Mothers day in Norway today, he and the children had even baked a heartshaped chocolate cake and decorated it with tiny chocolate hearts.

Credits: Almost all the flowers in this post are from the wonderful Sans! Thank you so much Sans, they were all gorgeous! The chocolate cake I made when I took a course in making fimo cakes at a Doll's house weekend in Stavanger.

Saturday, 13 February 2010


Since this is the last weekend before Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, Glenn Closeenough and her husband Sean Kommer'u have invited to Carnival in Venetian style with capes and masks. And everyone is here, Nora and Helmer with their children Tomy and Annika, Henrik's twin brother Henrik and his wife Carol Line, Carol's cousin Polly Line, Cocco Flanell, Arne Vaa and Karl Edo Spook, Glenn Closenough's sister Fiolett paa Traadén, and the other aunt of Helmer and Henrik; Dolly Barton. Can you tell who's who?

Nora has also invited the new French teacher at her school, the handsome Jean-Marie du Bédauré, recently moved in from Paris. He's the man with the red mask.

Helmer thinks Nora looks like a new woman tonight and feels a little bit jealous when he sees how she and the other women gather around the Frenchman.

Even though her nephew Bart Ender Barton isn't around tonight, Dolly Barton prefers the bar.
Polly Line thinks it's nice to meet new people but her mind wanders away while she's talking to Jean-Marie and Fiolett paa Traadén. After the nice evening in the pub on New Years Eve, she had told the tall handsome stranger about the party. She still didn't know his name, so she couldn't get Glenn Closenough to send him an invitation, but she hopes he will turn up anyway. But now most of the evening has passed and the only handsome stranger is Jean-Marie.

Suddenly - there he is! Polly Line's heart makes a jump of joy! But, he doesn't stop or even look at her! He just walks straight across the room towards the hostess, Glenn Closenough.

Polly Line is left quite confused and heartbroken.

But after what seems like hours, his conversation with Closenough is over and he turns around again, but then stops and chats for a while with Nora. Polly Line's mind is so occupied looking at them, she doesn't even notice that Jean-Marie seems quite taken with her.

A happy ending?

Credits: Annika's costume and the masks are from Polly pocket and painted with nailpolish by me and my children. Bendik has made Tomy's costume, the rest of the capes I have made.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Before the party

ENG: I just wanted to show you some photos from the reception room. In a few minutes the guests arrive and I won't get another chance :-)

Jeg ville bare vise dere selskapslokalet før gjestene kommer og ødelegger idyllen :-)

Credits: Furniture vintage Lundby. The round tables are from re-ment with table cloths on them. Food from re-ment. Fruit made by Cocco. The flowers are a small part of the 200 flowers I got as a gift from Sans! Accessories are Lundby, Re-ment , Chrysnbon and other finds.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

From gaudy polka to mellow walls

ENG: It's been a few weeks since my last post due to busy workdays. Meanwhile Karl Edo has been busy too in his studio/bedroom. Karl Edo is tired of colourful dots and being no leopard, he's changing his spots, from shimmering bright to neutral and white.
He's also finally painting the bedroom furniture he bought last summer, and now it's light turquoise instead of yellowed white. I didn't want to disturb him while he's working, so the photos are taken through the windows.
Underneath you can see what the room and furniture looked liked before the makeover.

NOR: Jeg har ikke postet på noen uker siden det har vært så travelt på jobben. Men i mellomtiden har Karl Edo vært travelt opptatt også. Han er blitt lei av polkadot-tapetet i showrommet/soverommet sitt, så han maler det hvitt og nøytralt istedet. Han har også endelig fått rotet seg til å male soveromsmøblene han kjøpte sist sommer, så nå er de lys turkis istedet for gulnet hvitt. Jeg ville ikke forstyrre ham i arbeidet, så bildene er tatt utenfra og inn gjennom vinduene. Under kan dere se hvordan rommet og møblene så ut før oppussingen.