Saturday, 30 April 2011

A royal occasion

Yesterday Nora invited all the girls to come watch the royal wedding in the basement livingroom, chosen since it had the most regal colours! What she didn't think of was that the TV in the basement room was old-fashioned and small, and didn't provide the picture quality one finds in TVs nowadays. But no-one seemed to mind.

Almost all were there: Besides Nora, there were Polly Line and her cousin Carol Line, wearing a blouse with a heart in a weapon shield for the occasion. Also Nora and Helmer's respective aunts were invited; Fiolett paa Traadén (Aunt Violet's It Slip) and Dolly Barton. They both loves weddings in general, and royal weddings in particular!
Being a huge lover of festive occasions involving fancy outfits and hats, Karl Edo invited himself to the party as well. Cocco Flanell was there too, but like Karl Edo, she said she was just interested in the outfits.

But I'm not sure that was the case, because when the happy newlyweds kissed on the balcony, a unison aaah, was heard from all of the guests...

All the romance and happiness caused Polly's mind to go drifting. In her mind images appeared where Kate and William's faces were replaced with hers and her Doctor Whatson's. Oh, if only, she thought, but had no hope it would ever happen, that they would ever become more than good friends. Her daydreams were interrupted by Cocco, who, intrigued by all the fabulous masks on the wall, asked Nora if they were souvenirs, like so many other items in the room.

Nora told that they were a precious gift from her good friend Oese in Germany, and so was the large oriental floor vase by the TV. "I was so happy to get the masks" Nora said, "because I could never find the right decoration for that wall, and now ... don't they look just perfect there?"

Credits: The basement livingroom is a mix of vintage Lundby leather furniture, re-ment furniture, a selfmade bookshelf and finds from the last 30 years. Thank you, Oese, for the masks and the other wonderful gifts you gave me last year, and sorry for being so late posting about them! For unknown names and backgrounds, see who's who.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Total Ellipse or Easter in Spook House

If any of you are wondering what I'm up to these days, I'm in the prosess of tidying up my entire house! It really had to be done, after years of neglect, the clutter had piled up everywhere! But getting a new dollshouse room (which still isn't quite finished, but the last pieces of furniture for it are being assembled as we speak -- that's my husband you can hear swearing in the background) with a new wall-fitted bookshelf, inspired me to reorganize all my books and go through all the stuff in shelves, boxes and drawers and get rid of as much as possible. Usually I'm better at organizing clutter than actually getting rid of it, but now I have really enjoyed doing it, to the extent that I have scarcely been on the net this last month, because I just couldn't stop tidying!

But even though I haven't spent much time on blogging lately, Karl Edo has been busy and would like you to invite you all to the Spook House Easter exhibition. Can you tell he's been inspired by the Easter eggs?... And he's also very proud of his newest addition, the super-elliptical table by Piet Hein/Arne Jacobsen/Bruno Mathsson.

A close up of the new Lundby shelf with lights.

The colours are mainly in the range from blue to yellow, which I thought was appropriate since we're going to Stockholm, Sweden early tomorrow, (check the flag) and we will spend the entire Easter Holiday there. Yeah!

Happy Easter everyone!

Credits: The fantastic super-elliptical table is a selfmade gift from Cocco who never fails to amaze me with her talents and generosity! The other furniture is Arne Jacobsen chairs from Minimii, shelf with lights from Lundby (came with a bed) and counter from re-ment.The wallpaper is scaled down scrapbook paper. Accessories are mainly re-ment, Easter decorations and Bodo Hennig.