Saturday, 30 April 2011

A royal occasion

Yesterday Nora invited all the girls to come watch the royal wedding in the basement livingroom, chosen since it had the most regal colours! What she didn't think of was that the TV in the basement room was old-fashioned and small, and didn't provide the picture quality one finds in TVs nowadays. But no-one seemed to mind.

Almost all were there: Besides Nora, there were Polly Line and her cousin Carol Line, wearing a blouse with a heart in a weapon shield for the occasion. Also Nora and Helmer's respective aunts were invited; Fiolett paa Traadén (Aunt Violet's It Slip) and Dolly Barton. They both loves weddings in general, and royal weddings in particular!
Being a huge lover of festive occasions involving fancy outfits and hats, Karl Edo invited himself to the party as well. Cocco Flanell was there too, but like Karl Edo, she said she was just interested in the outfits.

But I'm not sure that was the case, because when the happy newlyweds kissed on the balcony, a unison aaah, was heard from all of the guests...

All the romance and happiness caused Polly's mind to go drifting. In her mind images appeared where Kate and William's faces were replaced with hers and her Doctor Whatson's. Oh, if only, she thought, but had no hope it would ever happen, that they would ever become more than good friends. Her daydreams were interrupted by Cocco, who, intrigued by all the fabulous masks on the wall, asked Nora if they were souvenirs, like so many other items in the room.

Nora told that they were a precious gift from her good friend Oese in Germany, and so was the large oriental floor vase by the TV. "I was so happy to get the masks" Nora said, "because I could never find the right decoration for that wall, and now ... don't they look just perfect there?"

Credits: The basement livingroom is a mix of vintage Lundby leather furniture, re-ment furniture, a selfmade bookshelf and finds from the last 30 years. Thank you, Oese, for the masks and the other wonderful gifts you gave me last year, and sorry for being so late posting about them! For unknown names and backgrounds, see who's who.


Daydreamer said...

Hi Helene! I am SO glad to know that I am not the ONLY one caught up in Royal Wedding Fever! I Love your gathering of all the Ladies and, of course, Karl Edo.... for the Hats we are sure! I LOVE your picture of the newlyweds kissing on your TV! You have brought a huge smile to MY face!

I also really love the colors in this room... and the masks are perfect for that spot! The Vase is gorgeous too!

Oese said...

This was exactly was I had in mind, when I saw the vase in my stock, never used. The mask are really perfect fot the wall - I'm so glad you like it.
For the first time in my life I watched a royal wedding with a friend and some advocaat and fingerfood. We wore hats and had a lot to giggle. Unfortunately I was on my way from the office to her, when they said "yes", but we saw it several times untill I left her home, barely able to ride my bike - haha (she lives very near from my flat).
So it was nice to see your party. By the way, I loved the swedish wedding much more....
See you!

Janne said...

Ser ut som de koste seg veldig, maskene var bare så stilige .


Pubdoll said...

Thanks Betsy, I think my dolls are even more caught up in the wedding than I :-) At least I went to work as normal when it happened, and didn't see it all until the evening (just a few glimpses throughout the day on the internet)
When I saw that the bride's gown had that beautiful lace, I thought of you!

And Karl Edo really enjoyed himself watching all those hats, ranging from very nice to very peculiar, but I'm sure we all enjoyed watching those hats! :-)

And like Nora, I love those masks, they are really fantastic!

Pubdoll said...

Thank you Oese, I'm glad the vase has found the use you imagined it, I'm so fond of both the vase and especially the masks. Like Nora said, we had real problems finding the right ornament for that wall, I have tried many thing, but none of them were quite right until I got these fabulous masks!

So fun you watched the wedding with a friend and that you wore hats as well! Trond suggested I out strange things like lego blocks on the doll's heads to mimic the royal hats, but I must admit I didn't do that, both because of the time and I didn't want to stick needles through my poor dolls heads! But I think it was a fun idea, so perhaps I should have!
I loved the Swedish wedding as well, crownprincess Victoria is a favourite of mine, but I was very busy at the time, so didn't get to see so much of it as I would have wanted.

Pubdoll said...

Tusen takk Janne, ja med så mange spesielle hatter og et så vakkert og forelsket par, måtte det jo bli vellykket :-) Og maskene var jeg så glad for at jeg fikk, en utrolig hyggelig overraskelse, for jeg har beundret de på Oeses blog!

Steinworks said...

it looks like a wonderful party but the poor dears must be starved to death, she didn't serve them any treats

Mini Hugs
Marisa :)

Pubdoll said...

Yes, I know, she should have had some of your wonderful pretzels and chips :-) In all fairness, she had made some cupcakes and had also some pieces of cake for her guests, you can see the ones which aren't yet eaten on a silver plate on the table.

Thanks for joining the party Marisa, even though there was so little to eat! But I'm sure you have more than enough food youself, I have seen that you're a really talented cook! :-)

Norma said...

Ah yes, the kiss!! A moment to be treasured ;) The masks look fabulous by the way and I'm quietly laughing at the mental picture of Oese on her bicycle, rather unsteady, wearing her Royal Wedding hat, cycling home...

It was the minis fair in Sydney last weekend and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a working TV!! It doesn't pick up tv channels but was playing a movie from the DVD player under the table. It wasn't too expensive either at AUD130.

Thanks for leaving such a lovely comment on my giveaway post Helene.

Pubdoll said...

Thanks Norma,I love the masks, they are so perfect for this room in both colours, scale and style! Oese was so kind to give them to me! And I would have loved to watch the wedding, wearing hats with Oese and her friend, seems they had even more fun than my dolls :-)

I've heard about working TV's before, but haven't seen any for sale, that must have been fantastic to see! But I don't mind that much, I like using my own pictures in the TV, gives me more control of the images when I take photos.

Nicola said...

Haha - great as always :) So cute how Polly is daydreaming about herself and Doctor Whatson ;D I also love the masks from Petra, they fit perfectly!!


Sans! said...

Hey, you guys had a party in my favourite room and I was not invited! *pout LOL

Would you believe I missed the wedding? Just couldn't get into the mood as I was caught up in the election fever of my country :). I did catch that kiss though as I turned on the tv moments before that. It was of course all over the news after that. That was about all I saw of the wedding. She is a beautiful bride though.:)

And those masks are wonderful! Really perfect for your room .

Pubdoll said...

Thanks Nicola, for some reason your comment didn't show up until today!
I'm glad you noticed Polly's daydream, many other seemed to have missed it :-)

Pubdoll said...

Sorry Sans, this was a very ad hoc party, so Nora invited just the girls that were in town already. (Hey, when you mention it, I wasn't invited either!) Glad to hear it's your favourite room, it's one of mine too, and especially now with the fabulous masks from Oese! They really are perfect there!
I was at work during the wedding, so the only part I saw live was the kiss on the balcony. But I spent much of Friday evening looking at the ceremony and all the over-the-top wedding hats :-)