Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year! / Godt Nytt År!

New year's eve at the pub. The owner Bart Ender Barton spends the Holidays in England with his family there and Sean Kommer'u stepped in for him, his salons next door being closed tonight anyway. And since Pater Maximillian never turns down a glass of anything, Sean thought this could be a cheap way to entertain his brother. It's common knowledge that a Catholic priest in a bar is never short of free drinks from middleaged women.

Helmer came over for a beer, but left early to be with his family.

But pater Maximilian feels quite neglected tonight, since the interest of everyone in the bar is directed elsewhere!

I want to wish all of you a Happy New Year filled with miniscule pleasures!
It has been great to get so many new friends to share this hobby with and I'm looking forward to see more of your work in 2010!

Wednesday, 30 December 2009


These last days Tomy and Annika have been busy playing with their Christmas gifts. Especially the outfits from the calendar and the castles from mum and dad. Minimillian has come over to play every day, since Karl Edo's house isn't exactly children friendly.

Here is a photo Karl Edo took of uncle Arne with his nephew.
Doesn't Minimillian look just like his uncle ?

For those of you who are interested in genealogy, Minimillian is the son of Arne Vaa's sister Claire Vaa. Claire first joined a convent and planned to be a nun, but Minimillian's father to be, Troy Jansen, fell instantly in love with her when he accidently saw her and snook into the convent, disguised as a nun, to meet her. She soon reciprocated his feelings, left the convent and they married shortly after.

Credits: The castles are from two micro Playmobil sets. The furniture is new and vintage Lundby, playmobil and re-ment. Cocco has made Minimillian and Arne Vaa's clothes. Minimillian's sword and shield are lego accessories.

Saturday, 26 December 2009

The Sixteenth Chapel or Mass Hypnosis

Sean Kommer'u's altar ego and twin brother William, (he has taken Maximillian as his cleric name) has come to visit and to celebrate Christmas mass in the family's private chapel.
Family and friends have met up in full for such a rare occasion, crowding the little church.

The altar boy is Minimillian from France, who is spending Christmas with his uncle Arne at Karl Edo Spook's house.

Pater Maximillian speaks about the birth of Christ: "In the time o Caesar Augustus, the Romans ordered a census tae be cairried oot ower the hale country. This happened when Cyrenius wis the heid man O Syria.." His gentle voice and the dense air of the crowded chapel makes Polly Line drowsy and her mind starts to wander. After reading the gospel, the priest begins his sermon about God's love for us. His Scottish accent is mixed in Polly Line's mind with vague memories from last summer. She dreams of happy children and bonfires, and she smiles secretly and feels the heat in her cheeks.

She wakes up suddenly, when the priest raises his voice: "And yer harts are wide open and yer innermost longings are for Him ter see!"

Credits: The clothes of pater Maximillian and Minimillian are made by Cocco! She gave me pater Maximillian for my 40th birtday and I just had to make him a church :-) The chapel is built in lego by me and my children, the stained glass windows are postcards bought in Paris and the white statue of Virgin Mary with baby is also a souvenir from Paris. The Virgin Mary with baby and angels, behind the altar, is bought in a shop in Bergen. The St. Olaf statue is a souvenir from the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim. Other accessories are ebay finds or bought in St.Olav booklet, Oslo. Birth of Christ text taken from "A Glasgow Bible" by Jamie Stuart.

Friday, 25 December 2009

There's Santa, but where's grandpa?

It's Christmas eve, the long and heavy dinner is consumed and now they are having coffee with homemade cookies and cakes and are about to open the Christmas presents under the tree. As always, Glenn Closeenough and Sean Kommer'u, (Sean R.U. Coming) are spending Christmas with their daughter Nora and her family. Suddenly, just as grandpa Sean has gone upstairs for his afternoon nap, there's Santa, with a large bag loaded with gifts for Tomy and Annika!

Grandma Glenn and Helmer are watching.

Credits: Nora's bunad and Glenn Closeenough's clothes are made by Cocco!
The bunad was her Christmas present for me, am I lucky or what?
The Santa costume is from Lundby.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

24th December!

Today I got another dress up costume, this time a fairy costume for Annika! I'm so glad I got something for them both, I wouldn't like anyone of them to be upset on Christmas eve :-)

Since all the windows are opened now, I want to wish you all a Merry and peaceful Christmas with family or friends and the best wishes for the New Year! (But I will be posting a lot of Christmassy posts before that, I have the whole week off to relax with my family and to blog :-))

I will thank everyone who has been visiting my blog this year and also all of you who have enjoyed my advent calendar with me, you have made the calendar even more fun for me :-)

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The nightynight before Christmas/ Lilla julaften

This evening both Polly Line and Karl Edo installed their Christmas trees (from Spook House's new line of Christmas trees; Gran Colore), but now the calm of the night before Christmas has fallen upon their homes, just disturbed by me taking photos to show you. As an early Christmas present Karl Edo "bought" himself a new lamp for the dining table.

Credits: Polly Line's sofa is made by the wonderful Annina and the photos over the sofa are from her as well. You can also see them in her Vero house here. The Madonna figure by the window is made by the talented Christel Jensen. Karl Edo's new lamp is made by me, inspired by the lamp of Mini Modernistas. The Christmas trees was bought at Søstrene Grene. Polly Line's Advent star is handmade in glass and bought at a local store.

23rd December

Today I got this knight cape, shield and sword for dressing up, and I'm sure it won't come as a surprise to you all that I'm giving them to Tomy for Christmas? Or maybe Helmer wants to borrow them too :-)

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

22nd December

Today I got these Christmas decorations. Many Scandinavians have flag garlands on their Christmas trees with their national flags. I like flags on the National day, but for me it's not what Christmas is about. But I liked this one, because the flags from all the different countries reminded me of all of you who come visit my blog from these countries and others as well :-)
The large ornament can be used on one of the small potted trees I use for decoration in my real life home. And I'm sure Tomy and Annika will love the lollipops!

Monday, 21 December 2009

21st December

Today I got a photo of this cute little bird, I think it's a bullfinch (dompap) or a robin (rødstrupe), and another favourite frame :-)

Update: After looking through our bird books, hubby thinks the bird may be a whinchat (buskskvett) and definitely not a bullfinch :-)

Sunday, 20 December 2009

20th December

Today I got this sweet box, filled with jewelry for the ladies.
But again I think both the box and jewelry are too large, the box is about 2cm in diameter.

Saturday, 19 December 2009

19th December

Today I got these presents to put under Nora and Helmer's Christmas tree and a Santa Claus hat. I think it looked nice on Annika, and Tomy wanted to join her for the photo, to show you the knitted sweater and hat that Cocco made for him last year.

18th December

Yesterday I got this jacket and scarf. Polly Line wears black, so the jacket obviously was for her, even though she already has a green coat for more festive occasions. She tried on the scarf too, but wasn't sure about it, as "it wasn't her colour", as she put it.

Friday, 18 December 2009


it's been a long day at work followed by office Christmas party and no time to take pictures of today's gift. It was something for Polly Line and I will show it you tomorrow :-)

Thursday, 17 December 2009

17th December

Today I got these shopping bags. I think they are on the large side as well, but perhaps Nora needs some really large bags for the big Christmas present she's buying Tomy and Annika?

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

16th December

Today I got these cartons with juice and packages with rice and pasta.
It doesn't seem the Lund family are going to starve any time soon! (And with that I mean my daughter's family; Carol Line and Helmer Lund and their seven children. I think the packages are a bit too big to use in any of my houses)