Saturday, 26 December 2009

The Sixteenth Chapel or Mass Hypnosis

Sean Kommer'u's altar ego and twin brother William, (he has taken Maximillian as his cleric name) has come to visit and to celebrate Christmas mass in the family's private chapel.
Family and friends have met up in full for such a rare occasion, crowding the little church.

The altar boy is Minimillian from France, who is spending Christmas with his uncle Arne at Karl Edo Spook's house.

Pater Maximillian speaks about the birth of Christ: "In the time o Caesar Augustus, the Romans ordered a census tae be cairried oot ower the hale country. This happened when Cyrenius wis the heid man O Syria.." His gentle voice and the dense air of the crowded chapel makes Polly Line drowsy and her mind starts to wander. After reading the gospel, the priest begins his sermon about God's love for us. His Scottish accent is mixed in Polly Line's mind with vague memories from last summer. She dreams of happy children and bonfires, and she smiles secretly and feels the heat in her cheeks.

She wakes up suddenly, when the priest raises his voice: "And yer harts are wide open and yer innermost longings are for Him ter see!"

Credits: The clothes of pater Maximillian and Minimillian are made by Cocco! She gave me pater Maximillian for my 40th birtday and I just had to make him a church :-) The chapel is built in lego by me and my children, the stained glass windows are postcards bought in Paris and the white statue of Virgin Mary with baby is also a souvenir from Paris. The Virgin Mary with baby and angels, behind the altar, is bought in a shop in Bergen. The St. Olaf statue is a souvenir from the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim. Other accessories are ebay finds or bought in St.Olav booklet, Oslo. Birth of Christ text taken from "A Glasgow Bible" by Jamie Stuart.


My Realitty said...

Outstanding in the field! Bravo!

Lize said...

That is a great CHAPEL! Wow. Loved the stained glass windows. And your story is so funny.

Rebecca said...

Wow! The church is brilliant - you've been keeping it a big secret, I think! Helene & Son (& Daughter) are to be congratulated on another architectural wonder.
I love the Scottish accent, too - and the return of the stranger from another scale.
What a great Christmas story, thank you :-)

Oese said...

Oh Helene, wieder einmal beweist du, wie einmalig du bist. Und sag auch deinen Kindern, wieviel Freude sie uns machen.
Ich kann mich nur anschließen an das, was andere vor mir sagten und mich auch bedanken. So lange kann man schauen und entdecken an diesen Fotos!

Florine said...

Magnificent! I used to build Legos with my son...but nothing like this! Kudos to you and your children!

Sans said...

YOU DID It! It is most impressive, Helene! Congratulations. All the little details including sleepy faces were captured brilliantly! As usual the brilliance of Coco! Tell her I want a maxi and a mini too (do you rem those good old days when we call our long dresses maxi?")

I can almost hear the piano coming to a crescendo while you bring your audience to the climax of *drumroll please- "The Meeting".

Shikes, Helene, that is one handsome devil! Love his hair! Did you make all your people whisper "Who he is?? Wow! Look at those biceps!"

Oese said...

hours later! I've got it!
16th chapel - hohohohoho!

Pubdoll said...

Thank you C, and thank you for mentioning me on your blog :-)

Pubdoll said...

Thank you Lize, I was rather tired after taking pictures of the Chapel all day, so hubby helped with the story :-)

püppilottchen said...

wow - i´m really speechless! great chapel and funny story :) how long did it take to build the whole building and the details??! and how did you get your hubby into this? my (ex-)husband would have never taken time for "nonsens" like this - i guess he would have chosen a word like that.

last not least i wish you and your family a great and happy 2010!!


callsmall said...

I love all the humor and creativity here!!! It brings me back to masses when I was a child - I can smell the incense! How many Legos did you use here and how long did it take? Amazing work, truly!

Amy's Miniatures And Smalls said...

How inspirational!!! I get lost clicking all over your blog site. I am in awe. I finally found the who's who list and just giggled for about an hour. Your work is truly magnificent and the attention to details are above and beyond. Thank you so much for making my day! You surely have inspired me! Amy

Pubdoll said...

Thank you Rebecca, yes I have wanted to show the church to you for at least half a year, but I wanted to change the facade a little bit first and didn't do it until now :-)
The Scottish accent I got from "A Glasgow bible" by Jamie Stuart, which I bought when we where in Glasgow some years ago. I have added it on the credits now. The last sentence are ours, but we used the book as a reference :-)
I used the whole day and evening to take and choose photos, so Trond was kind enough to help with the story.

Pubdoll said...

Danke Oese! It's so nice that you make an effort to get the puns :-)
I don't remember who's pun it was though, hubby's or mine :-)

And thank you Florine as well!I have told the children, they were very happy to get your praise!

Pubdoll said...

Thank you Sans, Cocco reads my blog too, so I'm sure she has read your wish :-)
As I have told the others, hubby has helped with the story, I had of course taken the photos first, but I couldn't have done this post without him, at least not in one day.

Maybe I should have made my folks whisper and look at his biceps, but unlike Polly Line, they were well behaved and listened to pater Maximillian's sermon instead:-)
But yes, I think he is handsome, perhaps even more than the original :-) And I love tall men!

Pubdoll said...

Thank you Nicola and callsmall!
I started building this chapel about two years ago and have been working on it on and off since then. Building and rebuilding after getting more lego bricks. I have bought legoboxes and got boxes for birthdays and Christmas as well (along with lego for the white facade) I have got two or three beige large houses with black roof and also three yellow modern houses with black roof and the windows I have used in my white houses.

callsmall, so you have childhood incense experiences as well :-) My husband had initially thought the incense was part of the reason Polly Line got drowsy, but I forgot to include it!

And Nicola, my husband has no interest in miniatures, but he loves finding good puns, headlines and storytelling just as much as I do :-) He also quite often writes song lyrics, or translates them, as in the "Helmer with guitar" post.

Pubdoll said...

Thank you Amy! Your very nice comments brightens my days too!

Janne said...

Er helt stum over hva du lager,det mangler ikke på noe !Å de herlige historiene dine .
Ha en fortsatt fine Jul

Pubdoll said...

Tusen takk Janne, og fortsatt god jul til deg også!

Modern MC said...

This is "fabtabulous'! Chuckles. I think I just might have to build a modern dollhouse in Legos. Yes, definitely on the TO DO list. Love it! --And, sidebar: yes, the shoe pillows came from the Adler couch set. Smiles.

Pubdoll said...

Thanks Modern MC, so nice you stopped by :-) I wouldn't think this was exactly your style :-), but I would love to see what you could do with lego!

Kristín said...

Hallo Pubdoll!
Helt glimrende jobb her som alt du
gör. Og du begyndt
på boken? hehe
Ha fortsatt god jul.
Hilsen fra Ísland

Pubdoll said...

Tusen takk og fortsatt god jul til deg også Kristín!
Jeg tenkte faktisk på deg i går, for Cocco har vært så snill å overdra til meg det nydelige nissehuset du laget. Jeg tenkte å ta bilder av det for bloggen, men var litt sliten etter alt arbeidet med denne posten. Skal prøve å få gjort det i morgen.

Det blir nok ikke noen bok, denne bloggen blir nok det nærmeste jeg kommer :-) Men tusen takk!