Monday, 31 August 2009

The Stavanger trade show* - preparations

ENG: Karl Edo Spook wants to expand his business, so when he heard about the big trade show in Stavanger the last week of August, he was eager to attend so he could show his furniture there. He engaged Polly Line to design two rooms for the Spook House stand and here is the result:

NOR: Karl Edo Spook ønsker å utvide virksomheten, så da han hørte om den store handelsmessen som skulle være i Stavanger den siste uka i august, ville han delta så han kunne vise fram sortimentet sitt der. Han engasjerte derfor Polly Line til å designe to utstillingsrom og her er resultatet:

* ENG: For the visitors in 1:1 scale the show was marketed as "
The embroidery, doll's house and teddybear days 2009"

* NOR: For gjester i målestokk 1:1 markedsførtes messen som "Broderi-, dukkehus- og teddybjørndagene 2009

Room with white walls: Sofa and chair is vintage lundby, and the white table and frames are also Lundby. Pictures in both rooms are from Ikea postcards. Sidetables are doorknobs, lamps are self-made and the shelf is made of lego windowframes. Accessories are mostly Re-ment, Lundby and random finds.
Room with green wall: Arne Jacobsen Egg chair from Minimii (present from Cocco!), table is self-made of a slice of agate and wood beads. Picture frames and low shelf are Lundby and the other shelf is re-ment. Eames elephant is from Reac. Accessories are Lundby, Re-ment and random finds.

Friday, 21 August 2009

A quick visit to the bathroom

ENG: Here are some photos from Nora and Helmer's bathroom. The bathroom furniture is chosen to match the existing floor tiles that came with the house.
NOR: Her er noen fotografier fra Nora og Helmers baderom. Baderomsmøblene er valgt for å stå til de opprinnelige gulvflisene.

ENG: Nora really wanted windows in her bathroom
NOR: Nora hadde veldig lyst på vinduer på badet.

Nothing but Flanell no5.

Credits: Bathroom furniture are vintage Lundby and cabinet of unknown origin. (The shower is from my childhood). I have used lego to make the mirror shelf. Accessories are Lundby, Re-ment and self made. Posters are the mini-versions of Ikea postcards.

And - Fluffy Bricks has been so kind to post three of my rooms on her blog!
You can see them here.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Arvestykker og farvenykker

ENG: Most of the furniture in Nora and Helmer's dining room are heirlooms from family on both sides. Nora isn't quite happy with this room yet, she picked the colour of the wallpaper from the old Turkish carpet, but it doesn't match the colours of the inherited chairs.
Nora's got a beautiful Turkish carpet on hold that matches the fabric of the chairs, but then she would have to redecorate the walls of the room. Tough decisions indeed!

NOR: Møblene i spisestua til Nora og Helmer er stort sett arvestykker fra begge sider. Nora er ikke helt fornøyd med rommet ennå, hun har tatt ut tapetet etter fargen på det tyrkiske teppet, men det går ikke godt sammen med fargene på stolsetene. Nora har holdt av et nydelig tyrkisk teppe som står til stolene, men hvis hun tar det må hun skifte ut tapetet. Så vanskelig å bestemme seg!

ENG: Picture to the right: View towards the dining room from the living room.
NOR: På bildet til høyre ser man inn i spisestua fra dagligstua.

ENG: The picture to the left is taken through the kitchen door.
Nora and Helmer have been visiting their friends in Paris this summer and bought a minature Eiffel tower as a souvenir (on the sideboard).

NOR: Bildet til venstre er tatt gjennom kjøkkendøra.
Nora og Helmer har besøkt vennene i Paris denne sommeren og kjøpte et Eiffeltårn i minityrutgave som suvenir (på skjenken)

ENG: The only new piece in this room is this asian inspired shelf. Nora loves the style and thought it went well with the other furniture.
The purple striped decanter is Venice glass, a gift to Nora and Helmer from Cocco.

NOR: Det eneste nye i dette rommet er denne asiatiskinspirerte hyllen som Nora kjøpte fordi hun liker stilen og fordi hun syntes den passet godt til resten av møblene.
Den fiolettstripede karaffelen i hyllen er Veneziagave til Nora og Helmer fra Cocco.

ENG: The rose candlelabra is Nora's favourite together with the old painting.
NOR: Nora er særlig glad i roselysestaken og det gamle maleriet.

Credits: Dining table and sideboards are vintage Lundby, the oriental shelf and crooked vase are by re-ment. ( I have put bead legs on the shelf) Other accessories have accumulated over many years. The rose chandelier were bought on the doll's house weekend in Stavanger last year and is by Cilla,

Friday, 7 August 2009

Photographically challenged

I received a photo challenge from Lena aka Miniatyrmama.
I'm supposed to

1. open the 4th file where you store your photos...
2. pick out the 4th photo & publish it to your blog...
3. explain a bit about it...
4. pass this challenge to 4 other blogs...

I'm usually not very much into these blog games, but since I am busy redecorating a real life room, and therefore have little time for minatures at the moment, I thought this was a nice excuse for posting something old instead. The fourth picture in my fourth folder was this picture of Tomy and Annika's room before Nora painted the walls lime green. If you look closely, you can see a little box of lego in the round shelf. It was a christmas gift for Tomy and Annika from Cocco.

Since so many of my blog friends have already been challenged with this, I pass it on to all who would like to have an excuse for posting old photos!
Credits: Furniture: Lundby desk and chair, re-ment shelves, minature chair and lamp, lap-top and tiny bus are also re-ment. Other accessories are mini toys collected over the years.