Friday, 7 August 2009

Photographically challenged

I received a photo challenge from Lena aka Miniatyrmama.
I'm supposed to

1. open the 4th file where you store your photos...
2. pick out the 4th photo & publish it to your blog...
3. explain a bit about it...
4. pass this challenge to 4 other blogs...

I'm usually not very much into these blog games, but since I am busy redecorating a real life room, and therefore have little time for minatures at the moment, I thought this was a nice excuse for posting something old instead. The fourth picture in my fourth folder was this picture of Tomy and Annika's room before Nora painted the walls lime green. If you look closely, you can see a little box of lego in the round shelf. It was a christmas gift for Tomy and Annika from Cocco.

Since so many of my blog friends have already been challenged with this, I pass it on to all who would like to have an excuse for posting old photos!
Credits: Furniture: Lundby desk and chair, re-ment shelves, minature chair and lamp, lap-top and tiny bus are also re-ment. Other accessories are mini toys collected over the years.


callsmall said...

Hi Pubdoll, while I love challenges, this kind of seems like a chain letter-type thing, and I never do those, so I might have to pass. OK, the real reason: I am lazy and afraid that the 4th photo I find will be crappy and out of focus! :) Hey, I see you use some Re-ment in this scene -- any chance you'd contribute to my wiki on these pieces??! The lego box is fabulous.

Oese said...

Ein Laptop im Kinderzimmer - das ist das neue Jahrtausend! Ich liebe die kleine Lego-Schachtel auch. Überhaupt habe ich immer Ideen für Schachteln, aber ich finde fast immer nur englische Printies, selten deutsche Produkte.
Ich bin sicher, bei deinem guten Geschmack wird auch dein reallife-Raum sehr schön werden. Renovieren macht doch Spaß!!!
Ganz liebe Grüße nach Norwegen

Rebecca said...

Hope your redecorating is going well, Helene!
Whatever the reason, I'm glad we got to see this photo. What a great collection of toys, and very funky shelving - I love all the colours.

I'm not so much not into things like this, as never finish them! I still have one from Sans to pass on - so maybe at least this will inspire me to do that. But I guess they're meant to be fun - and this photo certainly is fun to see.

And I might try to work out which 4th file is the one I should use (in my Pictures folder? In my dolls houses folder? In the folder of my dolls houses within the dolls houses folder?) Perhaps other people's files are less complicated than mine!

Pubdoll said...

Callsmall and Rebecca, I usually never do things like this either. As I'm sure you have noticed there are no award posts in my blog, even though I have felt honoured when receiving some of them. I guess I just want to be in control of my blog appearance. Luckily it was a photo I really wanted to share, I haven't done much miniature work lately either, so this came at a convenient time.

And Rebecca I used the 4th photo in the 4th folder in my doll's house folder. I didn't see any point in posting non miniature photos.

Callsmall, I will of course take photos of the re-ment things I have when I find the time. Glad to hear you liked the lego box, I have bought several of these in real lego.

Sans said...

Awards can be fun and it's just a nice way to link each other's blogs. To each his own :) but I am glad you played this one and posted this picture. I love all the stuff. Rement's stuff are so amazing! Is that a mini volks van? OMG! And the way you hung Donald is too cute. Every bit a children's room or is it modelled after yours, Helene? :)

Pubdoll said...

Thanks Sans, as you know I love getting the awards, they just happen to stop here ;-)
Like many others I love rement, and it's highly addictive! It is a mini van, I think it came with the round shelf.

The room's and toys there is very much based on my childrens interests, but I must admit this room is much nicer than theirs have ever been. They don't have a Donald hanging in their room though, but a skeleton that glows in the dark.
But one thing they do have in common is the Mammut table and chairs (you don't see them in this picture, but you can find it using the tag "childrens room") my childrens are from Ikea, but the ones in the mini room are by Lundby.

Lena said...

Hej Helene!
Som alltid har du gjort det så bra!
Så många fina detaljer, som folwagensbussen, oranga "lilla traktor"- kompisen, vad han nu heter?
Var hittar du alla bra sakerna nånstans? Du kanske gör som jag letar bland barnens gamla saker;)


Pubdoll said...

Hei Lena, takk for utfordringen :-)
Den orange lille traktoren er fra et byggmester Bob-sjokoladeegg. Jeg finner ofte mye fint i sånne små egg.
Den lille bussen er fra et re-mentsett.
Den lille hesten i vinduskarmen er kjøpt i Gamla Stan i Stockholm, min favorittby :-)