Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Playing with light

Now where was I? As you may remember Polly Line looked at some Arne Jacobsen furniture in Spook House and she did buy quite a lot. Because of many deadlines at work in January and February she wasn't able to do any home decor until recently, but here is finally the result.

As you can see she bought two limegreen swan chairs, which she thought looked great with Annina's sofa. And while she was at it, she got herself a new carpet as well.

A short break.

She also bought four seven chairs and a new lamp.

Can you spot the statue of Liberty on the credenza?

Some other souvenirs from her travels with doctor Whatson.

The whole room.

Polly had hardly finished decorating the living room before Karl Edo asked her to help him out. One of his contacts, the Danish company El-Salg, wanted his help with settings for their lamp catalogue. He had already asked Nora and Helmer who had said "yes of course!" and now he wondered if he could use Polly's house too and perhaps make use of the spare room as well. And of course she agreed to help him out!

They arrived early one Sunday morning and spent the whole day taking pictures, Boline from El-Salg and Claudi, the photographer, who were both very sweet.
Claudi and Boline asked Karl Edo, Polly Line and their friends to take part in the photo shoot. They all felt a little bit like models!

The result can be seen on the El-Salg homepage as well as here:

Apparently Polly Line lives in nr 24.

I think Claudi did a great job, don't you agree?

Sorry for my long absence, but I have been really busy at work, and I'm even in the middle of decorating my guestroom/dollhouse room. (More on that later). And after a while the silence takes on its own life:

Credits: I was contacted by Claudi on behalf of Boline, who had the idea for the photo shoot and had found my blog. It was great fun working with them, much because of their enthusiasm.
Here they are at work:

The painting over Annina's sofa is a miniature aquarelle by me, based on a photo I shot in Venice 20 years ago. The Arne Jacobsen furniture is by Minimii. The carpet is a fabric sample from the office, and the lamp is an altered playmobil floor lamp.