Sunday, 5 September 2010

Whose find is it anyway?

I have been busy this week working on a new mini project which I hope I will be able to show you soon, but first I promised to show you my finds from last weekend's street market.

It's two statues of the Hindu gods Vishnu and Ganesha. But Polly Line says I'm talking gibberish, since these statues are her souvenirs from a trip to India with dr Whatson in the SARDIS. And according to her the Bonsai mudmen figurine on the left is also hers, bought in a little Bonsai tree shop when they were in Paris. I guess my memory is not what it once was, maybe I'm getting old...

UPDATE: The wonderful Rebecca made me aware that the Vishnu statue may be a statue of his wife Lakshmi instead! Thanks Rebecca!

The Vishnu/Lakshmi statue is 4cm tall, the Ganesha is 2.5 cm and the bonsai mudmen are just 1.4cm tall.
And the latter was infact bought in a bonsai tree shop in Paris, for just 1.5€ :-)