Friday, 25 June 2010

They love Paris in the springtime

Seems we weren't the only ones visiting Paris .

Credits: Miss Polly Line's wardrobe and the clothes and accessories for the local extra was provided by Cocco.


My Realitty said...

LOL Lucky dolls! CM

Rebecca said...

Oh that's wonderful! Brilliant shots :-) And the local extra is a great touch.
I think these could become some of my favourite postcards of Paris!

Did you see the episodes with Madame de Pompadour?

Glenda said...

Fun!! Great photos!

Pubdoll said...

Thanks you all!
Rebecca, I got the clothes for the local and Polly Line and the "1 meter bread" from Cocco for my birthday, so they just had to go to Paris :-)

And yes, I watched the episode twice, a very special episode in many ways. But I always liked Rose and the David Tennant-doctor together, so it isn't one of my favourites... :-)

By the way, the episode that takes place in Norway, the Norwegian name of the beach; daligulvstranden isn't very good Norwegian and certainly there isn't a beach in Norway by that name. I think she translates it to Bad Wolf Bay, (beach is a better translation) but Dalig would never have been used in a Norwegian place name. "Vargvågen" could have been a better name. But of course I thought it was great that they visited Norway at all! (Or at least they pretended they did)

Rebecca said...

Sounds like they used some kind of online translator :-( I just put Bad Wolf Bay into Google translate, and got dårlig for bad - actually wolf for wolf, though it did recognize ulv! and it couldn't translate bay into Norwegian at all. (I hate to think what google translate makes of my blog posts!)

Or if they didn't use an online translator, maybe someone gave them the individual words, and they just strung them together. Pity they didn't use an expert! Wonder where they went to film it?

But often writers and film makers don't bother to check, and think their small bit of knowledge is enough - like one writer saying someone worked at a sheep station near Alice Springs. Sheep in the desert? no grass? 40-50 degree temperatures and woolly coats? They're cattle stations, not sheep stations - but when you think of Australia, riding on the sheep's back - well, of course they'd have sheep stations everywhere!

Amy's Miniatures And Smalls said...

Gosh now I want to go the Paris and find some dazzling miniatures. Sorry I missed so much recently. I'm trying to catch up a little today. Lovely items you found. Just lovely... Love all the photos too. Most enjoyable.

Norma said...

Lucky dolls going to Paris!

I'm not sure if you put handmade furniture in your Lundby houses Helene, but just in case you are interested there is a modern 1:16 piece on offer in my blog giveaway :)

Pubdoll said...

Hi Amy, I missed a lot these last weeks too, being abroad a lot! (Very pleasant excuse isn't it? :-)) Hope all goes well with the decoration on your real life houses!

Pubdoll said...

Rebecca, I just saw the last episodes of the fourth series again where they went back to Bad Wolf Bay and Bloody Norway as Rose's mum Jackie puts it :-). When I watched it with English subtitles on the DVD it was written Darlig Ulv Stranden, but on BBC Entertainment here it was written Dårlig Ulv Stranden, so they keep getting better. What I wrote was just based on Rose's pronounciation :-)
I also just learnt that in the original version, before the editing, Rose and the human doctor got they're own Tardis to fly around with in their universe. You can see the unedited clip here

if you're interested. For me it made the ending much better. (And my alternate mini universe more plausible too :-))

Pubdoll said...

Thanks Norma, no problem to get to Paris when you know a doctor with a SARDIS :-)

And quite a lot of the furniture and items in my doll's houses are handmade - some of it even by me :-)