Friday, 25 June 2010

They love Paris in the springtime

Seems we weren't the only ones visiting Paris .

Credits: Miss Polly Line's wardrobe and the clothes and accessories for the local extra was provided by Cocco.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

More from Paris

Karl Edo wasn't the only one shopping in Paris. I bought quite a few pieces myself.
Here are some of them:

These incredible tiny, thin and exquisite coffee cups and bowl was made by Christine Voirin at Grain de Sable. Unfortunately she doesn't have a homepage.

I can't remember the name of the lady who made this vase, but she had a lot of ceramic, toys and roomboxes in 1:144 scale.
Can someone perhaps help me with her name?

This Christmas decoration was made by Veronique Bailleul.

And this funny cow decorated mug and plate was made by Emmanuelle Martinot and Neil Dyde at Paris Miniatures.

I think I had a thing for animals this weekend. These glass miniatures wasn't bought at the fair, but in a shop in the Passage Jouffroy, where there are several miniature shops.

Cocco managed to find something at SIMP for Action man's apartment as well. It's an original paper cut, cut with scissors by Engelhard Schmit and the money he earns from selling them he sends to help children living on the street.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

SIMPle misunderstanding

When Karl Edo attended SIMP* he found that he had been mistaken. He had expected it to be an exhibition of modern furniture, but it proved to be mostly a large antiques fair. There was a lot of really beautiful and exquisite old furniture for sale, but hardly anything that would fit in Spook House.

The furniture in antique style in these photos are from the stand of Patricia Herbillon.

Furniture by Sylvain Grandserre

One of the few exceptions was the work of Patrizia Santi.

Her furniture had just the right clean contemporary look he preferred. But he found her stand just at end of the day, so most of her furniture and accessories had already been sold out. But he found a very nice low storage shelf.

He also bought two handstitched cushions in a cool retro design made by the famous cushion designer Rosanna Rolla.

His favourites were the white vases made of the artist Elisabeth Causeret from Sailly.

* Salon International de la Maison de Poupée.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

SIMPly red

Yeah, Cocco and I are going to Paris and SIMP tomorrow! (And I believe Karl Edo is going as well.. "Paris vaut bien une messe"- "Paris er en messe verdt")
But despite being busy packing, he found the time to redecorate his kitchen and living room a little bit.
Here are some pictures of the result to enjoy while we're away :-) The big painting used to be in Spook House, but since red isn't very fashionable this year, he brought it home instead. Karl Edo really loves this painting.

The Dalmatian puppy belongs to Glenn Closenough, who was visiting Karl Edo when these pictures were taken.

Starry starry ceiling

The painting is "Red abstract, nr. 5" by Victor Pasmore. The other wallart is a postcard of the Norwegian opera house. The kitchen is by Lundby, redecorated by me, the dining chairs are re-ment. The sofa and chairs were recently mentioned in Carol's Leftcoastmini-blog (Thanks Carol!) and are by Lundby and so is the low shelf. The coffetable is by Fisher Price. Floor vases are from the "Barbie loves Jonathan Adler" set. Many of the accessories are beads. The ceiling lamp is made by me, inspired by Minimodernistas fabulous design. The floor lamp I believe is Lundby. I had three pieces of the same kitchen table (I believe they are by Barton), so I repainted the top of the most worn out table black. Underneath you can see both versions.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Designer's time out - a camp story

Much has happened during the time I neglected my blog. These pictures are from a camping trip Nora, Helmer, Polly Line and Jean-Marie du Bédauré made this spring. Polly Line had just bought a new car and Nora thought it would be nice if Polly Line could join her and Helmer on a camping trip to the sea.

Nora hadn't given up on her matchmaking and asked newcomer in town Jean-Marie du Bédauré, who teaches French at her school, to join them as well and suggested he could ride with Polly Line. But Polly Line wasn't very keen on the idea (to put it mildly) and discretely manoeuvered him into Helmer's jeep "since she just had to show Nora her new car".

The road to the camp site was quite bumpy, but they all arrived safely.

Nora had of course prepared the trip for days and brought enough food for a legion.

While the guys raised the tent, Polly Line lit a fire and made warm lunch and Nora fetched the plates and cups from the picnic basket.

Helmer's twin brother Henrik joined them at the campsite after hiking from town, having had yesterday off.

After lunch they all went for a walk. Helmer and Henrik were faster than the others and soon far ahead. Jean-Marie preferred the company of the girls.

Jean-Marie tried to give Polly Line a helping hand up a steep hill, but this wasn't at all appreciated by Polly Line who thought it was rude male chauvenistic behaviour to grab her tushy.

When they got to the top of the hill, they were surprised to discover a blue box. Nora and Jean-Marie were flabbergasted and wondered why on earth there was a telephone box in the middle of nowhere, but Polly Line immediately recognized SARDIS (Scale And Relative Dimension In Style), and with a beating heart she looked around for the owner.

And there he is!!!

In a heartbeat she runs as fast as she can towards him and into his open arms, leaving the others quite confused and (someone) disappointed.

They soon recognized the tall handsome stranger (also known as Dr Whatson, since noone seems to know his real name and he has a habit of showing up whenever something out of the ordinary is happening). But their confusion grew even more when Polly Line followed him into the tiny blue box.

They closed the door, the box started to blink and make lots of noise, and suddenly it was gone!