Sunday, 10 July 2011

All by myself

It has been a great year for Karl Edo. But with the success of Spook House, he found his shop too small to meet the increasing demand -- and he wasn't very happy with the location either. Not that he didn't like his neighbours in the building, like Osvald Halving in Gjengangere, Bart Ender Barton in the pub and Glenn Closenough and Sean Kommer'u in the adjacent assembly rooms. But the style of all of these businesses are a bit old fashioned if truth be told, and Karl Edo had for some time thought about building a real Spook House, and when it was opened to build on a ground nearby he went for it. His friend Arne Vaa wasn't hard to ask and designed a new Spook House for him in a jiffy.

After a busy spring, here is a proud Karl Edo in front of the newly finished building. And instead of a party, he's inviting you in to celebrate the opening with an Asian themed display, with some of his favourite design furniture, all in the Spook House signature colours red and white.

Credits: In this last year, I have received so many wonderful gifts from blog friends all around the world. I haven't had the time to blog about them so far, because of a very hectic spring at work, but I thank you all and have gathered some of the fabulous gifts in this post, and more will come in the fall. Tomorrow we're going to the UK on holiday and we will be away until the end of this month.

Arne Jacobsen seven chairs from Minimii. Super ellipse table is a selfmade gift from Cocco.

Shelving made of lego. I was inspired to make this after seeing this fabulous desk Carol (Pepper) at MitchyMooMiniatures made for me after I was so lucky to win her give-away! The drawers even open! Thank you so much, Pepper's husband (Salt?), for the draw!

The doll in kimono is a gift from Cocco. The lamp is an altered Re-ment lamp. The laptop is also by Re-ment. Seven chair from Minimii. Tiny Hello Kitty in a Japanese costume is a cell phone ornament. Selfmade George Nelson ball clock.

On the counter is another Hello Kitty ornament.
Inside there's a Re-ment plate and some moon lamps designed by Cocco.

Heart chair by Reac, a gift from Sans, I love it, thank you so much! The Piero Fornasetti plates on the wall are made using a photo from the Collectors magazine, a give-away I won from the fabulous Shopping Sherpa who was interviewed in the magazine and featured in the TV show as well! Sadly I didn't manage to make them as neat as she did hers. Shelf by Re-ment. Vases by Elisabeth Causeret and Re-ment. If anyone knows the artist who made the painting I would be grateful, I just found it on the Net. The facade of Spook House is (of course) made of lego.

I wish you all a very nice summer!

United Kingdom Come!