Friday, 18 December 2009


it's been a long day at work followed by office Christmas party and no time to take pictures of today's gift. It was something for Polly Line and I will show it you tomorrow :-)


My Realitty said...

Giving yourself a break is the best Christmas present you can give yourself! There is soooo much to do for the Season!xoxo CM

Norma said...

I think we are all so lucky that you've taken the time to keep us 'up to date' so far, as well as answering comments, so please don't feel the need to apologise! Double, or triple, up next time:)

püppilottchen said...

christmas party at your office -great!! sounds like fun, cookies and presents :)

so, today we´ll see two presents - cool!


Minna said...

Merry Christmas Helene!

Pubdoll said...

Thank you all for being so nice :-)
The Christmas party was what we in Norway call a "julebord" (Christmas table) and means the people at the office go out to eat and drink in a restaurant or similar place before Christmas. In our office the spouses are invited as well. And no presents involved, just lot of very nice food and entertainment :-) But we do get a little gift the last workday before Christmas when we have our Christmas lunch at the office.