Saturday, 19 December 2009

18th December

Yesterday I got this jacket and scarf. Polly Line wears black, so the jacket obviously was for her, even though she already has a green coat for more festive occasions. She tried on the scarf too, but wasn't sure about it, as "it wasn't her colour", as she put it.


dale said...

The coat looks great, but, I have to agree with her, she needs a different scarf.

Possibly red? :)

Rebecca said...

Yep, the coat was just made for her - love the plate-sized mod buttons! Perhaps the scarf would suit Martha or Osvald Halving? It would go with his tie :-)

Oese said...

Die Jacke ist toll, vor allem mit den Knöpfen.
Ich bin jetzt doch froh, dass ich keine Kalender gekauft habe - es sind doch viele Anziehsachen dabei, die ich nicht verwenden könnte.
Ich bin zufrieden, mich jeden Tag mit dir zu freuen.

Pubdoll said...

Thank you everyone for your nice comments!
Dale, I have got her a shock pink scarf in "fake fur", I will take a picture later :-)
Rebecca, what a nice idea, I think Osvald Halving will love the scarf!
I'm starting to think you know my people better than I do myself :-)
Oese, so great I could save you from waisting money ;-)

Norma said...

The coat is great - I'd be happy to have it in MY size :) The baby blue colour of the scarf is pretty too, but you're right not WITH the coat :)

Rebecca said...

No, not really, Helene - I checked out the Who's Who! I was thinking maybe Nora would like it, but I think turquoise suits her better, and besides, she's had a few presents already! - so I had a look at the others.

Pubdoll said...

Thank you Norma, the coat looks like something I would use too :-)

Sans said...

Ok, I can just imagine Karl going "tsk tsk, the scarf will have to go, darling!"

Maybe she can use it as a bandanna? Maybe you should just hang it in a room for effect. :)

I like these show and tell. Everyone get a say on what to do with the advent gifts.

Pubdoll said...

He, he, thanks Sans, I think I can hear him too :-) But I followed Rebecca's suggestion and gave the scarf to Osvald Halving.