Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Total Ellipse or Easter in Spook House

If any of you are wondering what I'm up to these days, I'm in the prosess of tidying up my entire house! It really had to be done, after years of neglect, the clutter had piled up everywhere! But getting a new dollshouse room (which still isn't quite finished, but the last pieces of furniture for it are being assembled as we speak -- that's my husband you can hear swearing in the background) with a new wall-fitted bookshelf, inspired me to reorganize all my books and go through all the stuff in shelves, boxes and drawers and get rid of as much as possible. Usually I'm better at organizing clutter than actually getting rid of it, but now I have really enjoyed doing it, to the extent that I have scarcely been on the net this last month, because I just couldn't stop tidying!

But even though I haven't spent much time on blogging lately, Karl Edo has been busy and would like you to invite you all to the Spook House Easter exhibition. Can you tell he's been inspired by the Easter eggs?... And he's also very proud of his newest addition, the super-elliptical table by Piet Hein/Arne Jacobsen/Bruno Mathsson.

A close up of the new Lundby shelf with lights.

The colours are mainly in the range from blue to yellow, which I thought was appropriate since we're going to Stockholm, Sweden early tomorrow, (check the flag) and we will spend the entire Easter Holiday there. Yeah!

Happy Easter everyone!

Credits: The fantastic super-elliptical table is a selfmade gift from Cocco who never fails to amaze me with her talents and generosity! The other furniture is Arne Jacobsen chairs from Minimii, shelf with lights from Lundby (came with a bed) and counter from re-ment.The wallpaper is scaled down scrapbook paper. Accessories are mainly re-ment, Easter decorations and Bodo Hennig.


dale's dreams said...

Happy Easter, Helene! :) I hope you have a wonderful trip and safe travels. :)

I am still combating my house the the war on clutter. Seems I get so far and then I just have to take a break. :(

I love all the paper patterns you chose in this room. It is all lovely as usual. I always enjoy seeing your photos so much! :)

Have fun my dear and enjoy your new room. :)

Lena said...

Jag bara älskar dina vita moderna möbler!Berätta - var har du fått tag i dem? Jag antar att de är i mindre skala till Lundby?
Vilka härliga färger du har använt!
Ha en trevlig resa till Stockholm!

Hälsningar Lena!

Pepper said...

Love your Easter themed room. You never fail to amaze me with your inspiring scenes. Have a great vacation =0)

Pubdoll said...

Thanks Dale, we're on the train to the airport (which is three hours away) and can use the time on the net, but the connection is very unstable.
I have had the paper sheets lying around for some time now, eagerly awaiting Easter :-)

Rita said...

Av og til må man bare ta ett skippertak og få ryddet opp litt. Kjenner på meg at det trengs her i hus også :D
Kos deg i Stockholm!!
Ha en fin,fin Påske :D

Pubdoll said...

Tusen takk Lena, Stockholmsturen ble planlagt rett før påske da vi fikk vite at vi ble uten unger i påsken. Stockholm er en av mine favorittbyer, så jeg gleder meg veldig!

Bordet er en selvlagd bursdagsgave fra Cocco, hun er utrolig dyktig! De hvite stolene og den gule egg-stolen er fra det danske firmaet Minimii som lager 1:16-kopier av Arne Jacobsen-stoler. Du finner peker til høyre på siden her.

Pubdoll said...

Thanks Pepper, the same goes for your scenes! Stockholm is a very nice city so I'm really looking forward to spending Easter there!

Pubdoll said...

Tusen takk Rita, jeg har det med å gå fullt og helt inn i det jeg holder på med, og akkurat nå ble det visst rydding. Har brukt 2 dager bare på rommet til Mari og har fremdeles en dags arbeid igjen der!
Håper du får en flott påske også!

Sans! said...

Did Coco make that table to match those chairs? She is a wonder :)!

I hope you are at the tail end of your packing frenzy? I too experience that often which explains why I fear starting sometimes . It's like opening a can of worms. I once strained my back for a few months because I could not stop packing and did it 3 days in a row! :)

Happy a good trip, dear Helene and show us loads of pics :)

Daydreamer said...

Hi Helene! I know I am late here... but Happy Easter to you too! I LOVE the Easter Egg wallpaper.... I am becoming more fond of these "modern" styles as I see you put them to such perfect use in you rooms! Congratulations on the housecleaning...I moved to a smaller house after twenty years in a roomy one..... oh my the stuff that had to be carted away! Keep up the good work!

Pubdoll said...

Hi Sans! Yes Cocco made the table as a miniature copy of the famous table of Piet Hein/Arne Jacobsen/Bruno Mathsson. (they worked together on this design)Maybe I will show you better pictures of the table in a later post.

I'm getting closer, but I still have one days work left in Mari's room that was beyond cluttered! It was a true disaster area with toys, clothes and candy mixed together with dust in a really unhealthy mixture. I've spent all my time there from we sent the children away on Monday and until I had to pack for Stockholm. I ought to help Bendik in his room as well and I still have my two storage rooms to clean. So still a bit left I guess...

Good thing you reminded me to take photos, after you wrote it, I've taken loads! The weather is so beautiful here, I want to be outside all the time, but I've also taken some indoor photos of the hotel.

Pubdoll said...

Betsy, you're not late at all, it was I who was early, since Easter didn't really begin until Easter morning. (today) Besides it seems I'm always late on commenting blogs these days. I will try to catch up when I get home. (And continue cleaning of course)

And thank you for your lovely comment on my use of modern styles, so nice to hear!

callsmall said...

WOW. Simply WOW. I adore the color scheme here, and of course Cocco's table is beyond amazing. The Re-ment plate looks so gorgeous on it. Did you have a good Easter and a fun trip?? Share, please! ;)

Amy said...

I love most the things that make your rooms yours and only yours, like that wonderful glass bowl on the dining table, and the bowls and vases. Wonderful.

Oese said...

I love the table Coco made for you, so cool and realistic. Realistic of course, it's from the talented Coco.
So I hope you have and have had a wonderful time in Stockholm and your children too with the grandparents.
your scene is as great as allways, thanks for sharing and I'm looking forward to see more of this table.

Pubdoll said...

Thanks callsmall, I think the colours (and patterns) has a vintage feel, so I thought you might like them :-)
Cocco's table is beyond amazing, I will show closeups in a later post.
And I have long wanted to use the big re-ment plate, but didn't have a table that suited it until now.

The Easter trip to Stockholm was fantastic with nice people, sun from a blue sky every day and I also bought a lot of miniatures, mainly Lundby items I don't get here. I took more than 200 photos so I definitely will have to reduce the number before I can show them on the blog :-)

Pubdoll said...

Thank you for your very lovely comment Amy!
The big glass bowl on the table and the yellow and blue smaller ones are all by re-ment. It's from one of my favourite re-ment sets. You can see the whole set on callsmall's re-ment wiki:


The link is also in the Links on the right side of my blog page.

Pubdoll said...

Thank you Oese, yes the table is really stunning, I hardly could believe my eyes when I first saw it, I just giggled! As I said to callsmall I will post more detailed pictures of it later, the table really deserves a post of it's own.

We picked the children up on the airport tonight. I worked as long as I could to get Mari's room neat and clean before she returned and she was very happy with the result :-) They had both had a really great time with their grandparents and my brother. Bendik was very proud that he had beaten my father in chess twice. But I think it was good for them to come home as well!

Janne said...

Å guri malla så lekkert det har blitt.
Å bordet ble rå stilig, så det når coco hadde begynt på det.

Klem Janne