Sunday, 7 March 2010

One year blog anniversary

Seems like many of us started blogging about a year ago :-) One year ago today, or more correct yesterday, since it's already past midnight now, I posted my first post on this blog. When I started I wasn't sure how long I could keep on blogging, I counted the rooms in my doll's houses and thought it would be difficult to continue when I had shown all of them, but I'm still here, and with even more rooms and houses as well :-)

For this occasion I would have liked to prepare a big scene for you all. I also thought of showing you all my houses, but instead of finishing any of the projects I'm working on, I have moved most of my houses into our guestroom/my workroom-to-be. So now there's a total mayhem inside all of them. Instead I thought I should go back to "the roots" and show you old photos of Nora and Helmer's house. Until a few years ago, it was the only house I had, with the exception of the old wrecked house I had from my childhood. I didn't even have Nora and Helmer!

These photos are from 1995, and I had just replaced my childhood standard Lundby house with this Lundby Stockholm house which I found in a flee market. It had damaged wallpapers in the livingroom and floor in the kitchen, so the first thing I did was to put paint the livingroom and put wallpaper and lists in the corner of it and paint a linoleum look-alike kitchen floor. New curtains and plants, and the rocking chair is a gift received a few years earlier from very nice classmates, the rest is my old furniture.

I hadn't discovered ebay yet, so almost everything in these pictures is furniture from my childhood. But I bought a new kitchen, since there was almost no doors left on the old one. In a craft shop I found a plastic sheet of blue tiles, which I put over the kitchen bench. The cookie tins and the casseroles on top of the shelves are also new. These pictures are photos of photos taken with my old camera, so I'm sorry they are a bit blurry.

The dining room. The original colour of the chairs was white, but I painted them so they would fit the colour of the other furniture. The floor urn I bought in Crete when I was 16.

This is my first doll, Osvald, in the bathroom, all the furniture and the washing machine is from my childhood. I later replaced it with a green bathroom set, bought on a trip to Stockholm in 1997. After I bought the wooden paneled bathroom, I gave both sets to my daugther.

The basement is the only part of the house which has survived my childhood. Earlier I had the sewingroom there and the blue living room, the blue livingroom is still there. But I can't remember when I first painted it blue. The only original items here is the blue shelf, the frames and the fireplace accessories.

Here are the bedroom and Helmer's study to be. The only new furniture is the low shelf with turquoise sliding doors on the right, which was bought at the same flee market as the house.

Some years later I made a garden as well, the bicycle and the little red chair are the only new items here. And lego of course :-)

I hope you have enjoyed this little tour :-)

Thank you very much to all of you for making this year so much fun and cheers to another year of blogging!


callsmall said...

Thanks for sharing, Helene, and HAPPY ONE YEAR! I so enjoy your blog and look forward to your posts. These "early" photos are great at sharing some of your mini history. The garden looks lovely! I do wonder what Osvald is doing in the bathroom, though :)

Amy's Miniatures And Smalls said...

Cheers! Thanks so much for being a part of this blog world. You have inpsired me so much and it has been great fun and pure joy to browse all your posts and share in your little world. Love, love, love the car in the garage and nice to know some of the history.

Norma said...

Such fun to see these older photos, and to know some of the 'story' of the house.

And of course congratulations on reaching your first anniversary!!

Rebecca said...

A very happy blogiversary, and many happy returns to you and all the folks in your houses! How wonderful that you have such clear and detailed photos from 1995 - it's lovely to see them - and so many pieces of childhood furniture. Thank you, Helene xxx

Lize said...

Congratulations on your Blog-a-nivarsary Helene! How wonderful that you have a photographic record of the history of your house and its evolution.

Here's to many more posts!

PS What is Osvald doing? Looks like..

Glenda said...

Thanks for the time travel!! Great fun seeing these.
Happy anniversary!

TreeFeathers said...

Congratulations on one year blogging, Helene!

- Grace

Oese said...

Happy anniversary, Pubdoll!
I remember well the first time you wrote a comment in my blog (that is only a few weeks older than yours) and told me that you blog now too.
I was so happy that you wrote in german, because my english wasn't and is not so good, but meanwhile I don't use a dictionary so often.
Ich war so begeistert von deinem Stil und deinen Szenen. Die erste Europäerin, bei der ich moderne Miniaturen sah. Und fast habe ich das Gefühl, wir haben schon viel miteinander erlebt. Ich bin so schon sehr gespannt, wie die diesjähige Grand-Prix-Party bei Nora und Helmer aussieht, wo dieses Ereignis in diesem Jahr sogar in Norwegen stattfindet.
Ich möchte dir auch danken und dir noch viele weitere Jahre mit unserem schönen Hobby wünschen.
The back-to-the roots fotos are so nice, I enjoyed them so much.

My Realitty said...

Congratulations! I think you are such a great and important member of the dollhouse blog world. I remember that you were one of the first people who wrote on my blog when I was new. Thank you for the look back and I am looking forward to your new year of blogging. CM

Jean Day said...

Congratulations on your one year anniversary! I enjoyed you tour!

Victoria said...

Happy anniversary! Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures, I enjoyed the story!:)


Pandora said...

Happy Blogday! Great post.

My blog is three and a bit months old.


rosanna said...

Happy bloganiversary Helene. We all enjoy your posts and love your style. It's nice to have still some of your childhood toys. We'll look forawrd another year.
Osvald has aroused a bit of noise, hasn't he ?
Have a nice day Rosanna

Rebecca said...

Is it so unusual for men to wash their hands?!?

Pubdoll said...

Thank you all for your kind comments!

It's not the first time Osvald's bathroom habits have been a topic for discussion, but thank you Rebecca for setting them straight :-)

And Rebecca, you commented on the 1995 photos, but I must say I'm very glad I got my new camera. Taking doll's house pictures is much more fun now, and so great not have to wait for the film to be developed :-)

Amy, the car was made by one of my ex boyfriends, who liked to build airplanes from kits, so I bought him a Mercedes kit so he could do something more useful :-)

Oese, thank you again, and I will have to find out soon who will arrange this years Eurovision party :-) All of you are of course invited as well!

CM, so nice I could be one of the first to comment on your great blog! :-)

püppilottchen said...

dear helene,

HAPPY BLOGGY-VERSARY to you and all the pubdolls!!! it´s so nice to meet you here and i´m really looking forward to some more years here with you :)

it´s fantastic to see all the rooms with the things you kept from your childhood and it´s so interesting to compare what has changed and developed. i like this before and after thing very much!


Florine said...

Congrats on your first year blogging! You always have a most enjoyable post. Thanks for the tour of your little house and for all the joys of collecting you have shared with us this year.

diepuppenstubensammlerin said...

thanks, too, I like seeing the development of dollhouse projects very much and am sorr myself that I did not take more photos of my collection in the past..

dora said...

Thank congratulations on his first birthday and thank you for your cottage, that many years cunpla tour.
A carmen hug

Mimmi said...

Gratulerer så mye med ett år som blogger!Håper det blir mange flere! :-)

synnøve said...

Gratulerer så masse, ser frem til masse mer fra deg!!!
Synnøve x :)

Josje said...

Congratulations on your first year! There must have been something in the air last year that so many of us started blogging then ;-) I always enjoy reading your post. Great fun to see those old pictures!

Sans said...

You know how I always comment "long-windedly" (local slang for going on & on) and to have my comment disappear! Arghh.

I think I said something about Osvald doing what most women don't or won't do but I realise now that Rebecca's right! The vintage quality of the photographs misleads :).

I am so happy you started blogging, my dear and that you like big scenes and big haired dolls and that we met. And I am glad how you have become such a part of my life that even your hubby is influencing my taste in books :). You have opened up my world, my dear!

These pictures show me what a treasure trove you have. Do remind little Mari to take care of all the pieces you are passing to her like how I do with my nieces and nephews and their parents and grandparents!

Here's to many more years! And okkkk, I will come to you, one day. :) and then I can truly say "So happy to have MET you!" :)

Pubdoll said...

Thank you everyone! I'm very touched by all your greetings!
Josje, yes I think so :-) I was inspired to blog after having discovered some of the early modern miniature blogs like Mini Modern's and Oese's blogs. But now I have discovered the blogworld is a treasure chest with amazing miniature work in all kinds of styles, which is so inspiring, because I like to try out all kinds of styles in miniature as well.

Pubdoll said...

Thank you Sans for taking the time to leave another comment! I'm sorry the first one got lost somewhere! Your feelings are fully reciprocated my dear, "meeting" you, has been one of the best thing that starting blogging has given me, I'm very thankful for that! And I really hope we will manage to meet in person some day, despite the long distance!

dale said...

Happy Anniversary! I thought I had posted here... no matter, the wishes are the same. :)

Pubdoll said...

Thank you Dale! I haven't spent much time at the computer lately, so I first saw your greating today.

Mini Dork said...

Happy Blogaversary! I love your scenes and posts and am glad you are able to keep entertaining and inspiring us! Cheers to many more years (and more houses?) to come. :)

Pubdoll said...

Thank you Mini Dork I'm very glad to hear from you! And I second the more houses comment :-)

Anonymous said...

Gratulerer så meget....glæder mig
altid at læse og se på bloggen din.
Klem, Kristín

Pubdoll said...

Tusen takk Kristín, så hyggelig at du kommer innom her! (Jeg bevarte bare den ene kommentaren din, siden du hadde lagt igjen to :-))