Sunday, 18 April 2010

Computer chrash

Sorry for not posting this month but our computer crashed just before Easter, so now I just borrow my husbands work laptop now and then.
I can't edit photos on it and it has a very slow internet connection, so no posting and less commenting before it's fixed I'm afraid. I should of course have posted about it as soon as it happened, but I never thought it would take this long to get the computer fixed. Hopefully we'll get it back soon!
Thanks Dale for saying you miss me, it got me around to finally post this explanation and I miss you too :-)


The Estate said...
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Anonymous said...

Hei Pubdoll

Rödt hår klær dig særlig godt!!!
Var begyndt at tro at du var syg
eller rejst til Kina eller på
nordpolen kannske. Godt at det
var så kun komputeren.

Hilsen fra askepot på Ísland

My Realitty said...

If you wish me to post any of your flicker pics just email me. It was amazing to see youBlue Lempica room on the Flickr highlights! Did you catch that? xoxo CM

Sans said...

Hey, I was going to join Dale and then you posted this :). Babe, go get a new laptop :):). Remember my laptop crashed on Xmas Eve? It never got fixed, they had to give me a new one and I only got it in March! Now that I have this new Mac, I gave my "new" Asus to SuZ. :). Good to see you here even though it is just a "chrash" post ;p.

callsmall said...

I feel your pain, I really do. My 7 year old downloaded a virus accidentally to our desktop, and it took my husband a few weeks to bring it back from the dead. Luckily, we had a backup desktop, where I had saved my images. Miss your posts a lot and hope to see (read) you back in action soon!!

rosanna said...

Hi Helene, fine to read it's only a PC damage. We'll wait for you Rosannaa

Mini Dork said...

Get a Mac. :P
Hope you are up and running again soon.

Oese said...

Ich bin auch froh, dass es "nur" der Computer ist.
Es ist wirklich schön, was für eine nette Gemeinde rum um die Miniaturen entstanden ist, nicht wahr?
Alles Gute für dich und natürlich für die Kiste!

Victoria said...

I hope it'll be fixed very soon! I was never lucky with laptops - Macbook died in a year! I spilled wine on Sony Vaio - fortunately it's working, but too noisy:) So I backup all of the files on 2 hards drives to keep my images safe.

Lize said...


Not even the fastest computer can hurry up a slow connection! I have been battling too this month with our internet connection, I know your frustration!!!

I was just this morning wondering why you are so quiet.

Pubdoll said...

Thank you all, and Oese is right about the nice miniature community, it's so nice to have "met" so many sweet and caring people here in blogland!

Carol, so nice you saw the Blue Lempicka on the Flickr blog! I did see the post with me and callsmalls photos too, but I didn't know until then there was a Flickr blog, just had to find out why there suddenly was many times more traffic to my photostream and the photo :-)I was so honoured and thrilled and was up in the sky the whole day :-)

Rebecca said...

Oh no! I had thought you must be busy with the church choir at Easter, and then work. So sorry to hear you've had no computer - how frustrating. I hope it's back up running soon!

I must have a look at the Flickr blog. I think I've got some flow-on from that and the NYT article, with more people visiting my blog from yours and callsmalls!

Püppilottchen said...

Sh** happens!I missed you too :) I send you tons of patience and I´m looking forward for news from the pubdolls!!


neomig said...

I open your blog constantly in the hope the computer is well again ! but allas....
In the hope that you are reading this- I have a question:
I got from Petra a lovely swatch of fabric, she got from you: its small round circles, reminds of Klimt or Hundertwasser. According to Glena of
Peppercorn Minis, it is one of Kaffe Fasset quilting fabrics. I love it. Where did you get it? I'd love to get some of his fabrics too.
All the best

Neomig of :

Pubdoll said...

Oh, thank you Neomig, you're so nice! I hope to blog again soon too:-)

So nice you liked the piece of fabric I gave Oese! I love it too, just haven't found a good use for it yet. I bought the fabric in a great haberdashery in the town where I work, Porsgrunn, where they have a lot of small patterned fabrics for quilting.

dale said...

awww... thanks for the *mention*

I think it's good to know when you are missed.

Was just looking for you. :)

I hope you get it all fixed up soon. I know there is a virus on my laptop at the moment. :(

Pubdoll said...

Thanks Dale, so sorry to hear about the virus on your computer! I hope you will be able to get rid of it soon! My computer is now fixed, but there is so much going on for me now, I'm not able to spend much time by it anyway. But I hope to get a new blog post up soon.