Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Breakfast epiphanies

Polly Line is also back home again, and with lots of gifts too!
All the wonderful ceramics and re-ment table and kitchenware on these pictures was a gift from Callsmall.

The black and white ceramics are vintage and handmade by Barbara Schuckman.
Callsmall gave her even more re-ment presents, but Polly Line thought some of the things suited her friend Cocco Flanell better, and gave it to her when she visited her just after the transatlantic journey.

Here you can see everything displayed on the kitchen shelves, and also in use at the breakfast table. Polly Line didn't decide whether to buy the Emerson House or not, but she bought a lovely ceiling lamp Callsmall showed her.

She also found a Broadway poster that matches her kitchen accessories neatly.

Polly Line's enjoying her breakfast croissants and tea from her new tableware while reading the New York Times. Too bad it's not the Callsmall edition.

Credits: The kitchen is the newest Lundby Småland type. The chairs are vintage Lundby and the table is vintage Barton. The computer table is vintage Triang. The ceiling lamp is vintage Lundby. Accessories are Lundby, Sylvanian family, re-ment, by Barb, beads, self made and ebay finds. Broadway poster is a fridge magnet bought at MoMA. Most of the flowers are from Sans.


Sans! said...

The kitchen look really lived in now and the b&l set looks really "designer" . Polly Line is obviously not suffering from jet lag because she even fixed the lights!!!

I really love the lighting in this room (those behind the shelves as well)My tribal kitchen is so dark that even mice are afraid to go in there.

New York Times? haha. I can see the effect New York has on your girl :)

Pubdoll said...

Thanks Sans, though I have absolutely no idea what a b&l set is :-) I guess my English still has some shortcomings :-)
So nice you thought it looks lived in, you know that's always my goal and the tableware from callsmall was perfect for the kitchen and ceramics is perfect for Polly Line. Despite flying around all the time in the Sardis, she's definitely more down to earth in her style than Karl Edo is.

And who can go to New York without being effected? :-)

By the way, I have never thought of your tribal house as dark, just very cosy and with a very nice, oriental atmosphere!

Evelien said...

Polly Line is a very lucky girl! Love your kitchen it's really life like. And the lighting and ceramics look great!

groetjes Evelien

Pubdoll said...

Thank you Evelien, yes Polly Line was really treated with a lot of goodies in New York! I wish my real kitchen looked more like hers :-)

callsmall said...

I am SO glad Polly likes her new things! I was stuck on a bit of a black and white theme for her, and I am glad she approves ;) The new kitchen looks fab, and the vintage Lundby lamp really sparkles! And twinkles! The newspaper looks very life-like; I should have picked one up myself!

Pubdoll said...

Thanks callsmall, and thanks again for the gifts! Of course she likes them, black and white is never wrong here:-) And also thanks for suggesting I should buy the lamp, it looks so much better with the lights on! You better stop and pick up a newspaper yourself next time you're in NY., it really has good detailing.

CLARA said...

Unos regalos perfectos. Enhorabuena por ellos y por tu amiga.
La cocina está muy bien terminada. Mucho detalle real. Me encanta con la luz.
Besos Clara

Amy's Miniatures And Smalls said...

Nice dishes! Love the black and white. The close ups of this post are so detailed. I especially like the two tiered cookie or cake plate. I will keep my eye out for fridge magnets also. The Broadway poster matches so well. Hope your week is lovely.

Rebecca said...

Travelling in the Sardis obviously gives you much less jet lag - maybe you should have travelled that way too, Helene ;-)
I love Polly Line's kitchen - and the breakfast spread! The black and white tableware sets are lovely, and they look very at home in Polly Line's kitchen. But I also like her choice of colours - it's a very cheery kitchen, with the red, green and yellow pieces - and the Broadway poster/magnet goes perfectly!
It does look great with the yellow lamp turned on - and of course gives Polly Line all the light she needs to read her paper while she enjoys her croissants. (Is anyone else coming to breakfast? Those croissants look very yummy, but I doubt she can eat four - or would want to, too fattening!)

Pubdoll said...

Gracias Clara, sus comentarios son siempre tan lindo!
Me alegro de que pensó que parecía de verdad!

Pubdoll said...

Thanks Amy. I brought home no less than 6 fridge magnets I hope can be used as posters :-) Most of them I bought at MoMA. The details is the reason it took me a while to do this post. Arranging everything on shelves and on a wobbly table wasn't done in a minute, so I'm very happy you noticed :-)

And I'm on the lookout for a two tiered cokieplate myself for my real home, I know exactly how I want it to be, but it isn't to be found!

Pubdoll said...

Thank you Rebecca! I certainly would have preferred the Sardis to the plane where there was almost no space for the feet, but at last I have recovered from the jetlag as well.
I must admit I like Polly Line's choice of colours too :-) That's one of the things I like with this, trying out colour combinations that I don't have in my real home. And I felt very lucky to find a poster/fridge magnet that fit so perfectly!

And I can always rely on you to notice the details, you did see that the breakfast table was set for two didn't you :-) Indeed Polly Line has no plans of eating all of the croissants herself, she wouldn't risk loosing her slim waist!

Eva said...

Love this kitchen, really looks so cosy and beautiful.
And the gifts, I think that fit perfectly :)

Pubdoll said...

Thank you Eva, I'm happy to hear you think it's cosy, I think a kitchen should be that :-)

Daydreamer said...

Hi Helene! Breakfast epiphanies, but not at Tiffany's?! :)I love the warmth the light gives to the kitchen! It reminds me of the kitchens of my childhood.... not the one my family had, but the ones other people with more modern houses had! Those dishes must be so tiny! Your scale is smaller than what I am used to! And those croissants look really divine! I love it all!

Sans! said...

Arghhh, I mean the "b&w" set ! It's my England ( hehe, that's what we do here when we want to tease someone about their English :). We use "England" instead of "English") :)

Pubdoll said...

Thanks Betsy! And no, who can afford Tiffany's? :-) The dishes sure are tiny, I had to take a little break while arranging them because I got so mad with everything getting in the wrong place all the time :-)
I believe the croissants are from one of my Mighty World sets.

Pubdoll said...

Ha, ha Sans, my England isn't as good as I want it to be, but with a little help from good friends it's improving post by post :-)

miniaturista said...

Una estupenda vajilla.

Pubdoll said...

Muchas gracias Maite. Estoy feliz de que al igual que mi mesa del desayuno.

Ann said...

Polly Line is such a lucky girl to get such wonderful gifts!

Also, I'm loving the scenes.. they are particularly warm and welcoming!

Pubdoll said...

Thanks Ann, you're most welcome to join in and have a croissant as well :-)