Sunday, 29 May 2011

Meet Jon Line - On paper and on line

Recently Jon Line, Polly Line's little brother, came to town. He's studying computer science at the university (when he's not reading comics or building miniature ship models). Polly put her plans for a home office in her spare room on hold and turned it into a one-room apartment for him instead. Which means that the result is more her idea of the perfect bachelor pad than a nerdy student's idea of accomodation.

As you may can tell because it's so tidy, these pictures were taken before he moved in.

I had to take another photo of the kitchen to show Jon Line's housewarming gift. Can you spot it?

She invited Nora and Helmer over to meet Jon and to be the first to use her colourful new garden furniture. Jon's unhealthy complexion made Nora concerned about his health, but Polly said it just came from Jon staying indoors with his computer all the time.

The sliding windows to the roof terrace.

Jon Line in his typical position.

On sunny days he can be seen through the reflexion in his window.

Polly Line was asked to present her house in the Finnish magazine Nukkekoti, so the bachelor pad was decorated in a hurry before the deadline. She had many photos of her house from before, but none of them were in print quality, so she had to rephotograph most of her rooms -- and even the exterior. Here are copies of the six pages from the magazine:

The new outdoors photo was taken in late winter, so I had to recapture it on the livingroom table. Two bed sheets did service as sky.

Real outdoor photo

The new outdoors photo for the Finnish dollhouse magazine.

Credits: The furniture in Jon Line's apartment and on the roof terrace is mainly new and vintage Lundby. The sliding opening windows to the roof terrace are made of picture frames. Eames Elephant by Reac. Accessories are Lundby, Re-ment, Playmobil and Lego (the coloured drinking glasses on the terrace). The Donald Duck comics and the ships on the window sills are made by my son Bendik.


callsmall said...

Lucky Jon Line! Seems like a VERY nice place to work! :) And CONGRATS on the Finnish magazine! Incredibly well-deserved coverage...the house looks amazing. I do confess a preference for the real outdoor photo, though ;)

Amy said...

Oh the magazine article is fantastic! What a well -deserved but totally exciting honor. It looks absolutely amazing.

By the way, Polly is a very good sister. I'm not sure if I could give up that much for my brother, even though it wound up looking so darned good. I think I've seen the elephant table in real life, is it based on a full-size design?

Amy said...

Argh-you actually mentioned the elephant. And it's Eames! (and famous). I should have known!!!

Nicola said...

Dear Helene! Congrats to the article in Nukkekoti!! So great, it´s lovely! I´m a bit sad I can´t read it! :(

I also enjoyed (and laughed about) the new little story about Jon and his bachelor pad and also the meeting on Polly´s terrace. I really adore the new colourful Lundby furniture (another point on my wishlist)... I LOVE the cute little comics in the newspaper stand. Bendik did a great job! But I unfortunately couldn´t spot Jon Line's housewarming gift?? What was it? The pasta?

All in all thanks for the whole post - You made my day ;D


Pepper said...

Fantastic article and gorgeous scenes. Well done on both, it's well deserved recognition.

I love your idea for the sliding doors. You always inspire me with your clever ideas.

Where did you get the colourful garden furniture? I love it =0)

Pubdoll said...

Thanks callsmall, I agree it's well deserved, but incredibly is taking it to far, haha!
I must confess a preference for the real outdoor photo too, but there's a lot more work behind the indoor version. But what can you do when you have to deliver and there's almost half a meter snow outside :-)

Pubdoll said...

Haha, thanks Amy! I must confess I wouldn't have known half the designer chairs I now do, if it hadn't been for this hobby!
And I also think Polly Line is a far better sister than me, I have even invaded the guest room and turned it into a dollhouse room. (But I did replace the large bed with a good sleeper sofa, so it still works as a guest room)

Pubdoll said...

Thanks Nicola, so glad you enjoyed the story! I think writing funny stories has become more difficult lately, so I got a little help with the finnish(!)from Trond, my husband. But the terrace party part was all mine :-)

I don't read Finnish either, but I think it's just a translation of the text I sent with the photos. Not very interesting, just some of the same stuff I wrote here and credits.

And the housewarming gift was a new Lundby espresso machine, the old one standing there before was made of lego :-)

Pubdoll said...

Thanks Pepper, glad you liked the den and the article! I should perhaps have written "sliding" doors, because they don't actually slide, like in the wonderful credenza you made for callsmall, I just thought it looked like they did.
I've bought several pictureframes that was assembled together 5 in a row and just glued the glass to the frames. Two on top of eachother fitted the opening perfectly in the height, but the frames were too short in width, so I just made up the story of sliding doors to explain the opening :-)
The garden furniture is one of the new Lundby Stockholm sets. I haven't seen any in Norway, so I bought them in Stockholm. I like them, they remind me of something that could have been from Ikea.

Oese said...

Oh Pubdoll, you're fantastic!

Pubdoll said...

Thanks Oese, if so, it's because I've been inspired by your creativity and fabulous selfmade houses! Hope you're having a wonderful holiday!

Pepper said...

Huh? The door does slide in the credenza or has Call of the Small broke it already ha-ha.

Thanks for the info on the garden furniture. I've found a UK seller who does them

Pubdoll said...

I should of course have written "unlike in the wonderful credenza you made for callsmall"
Callsmalls doors definitely works :-)
Happy you found the garden furniture too!

Nicola said...

Aha! A new Lundby espresso machine!! I guess i need new glases ;D

I have the same problem with writing new stories. The most ideas I had are written and now I have to devise something new... We will see...


Daydreamer said...

Helene, This is Fantastic! What an honor to be published! It looks like a great article and the photos are beautiful! Your attention to detail and scale amazes me! It looks like full scale rooms every time until I look again..... just amazing! And your creativity with the bedsheets for a backdrop in wintertime is very effective!
I'm so happy to meet John on-Line... hee hee... your names are always wonderful!... but I agree that a nerdy student would not even NOTICE half of the design details... as long as there is somewhere to sit in front of a computer and somewhere to put the beverage.... they are happy! I love seeing all your On-Line family stories too.... your stories are really what got ME started!
And the more I see of your modern houses... the more I think that Someday I will have to do some "Modern" decor of my own! You do a Fantastic job! Very Beautiful!

Pubdoll said...

Thanks Betsy! I'm glad you liked the photos, it took me every evening for a week getting them! :-)But the cloudy sky effect I got when I tried to get rid of all the wrinkles in the bedsheets was just plain luck.
Nice with someone who appreciates my puns and stories, though I don't think Jon Line is one of my better names. I wanted to call him Sheldon, but couldn't since he wasn't long and thin. And that my stories got you started was very moving to hear and a much greater honour than the article!
I would of course love to see you do modern too, but as far as I'm concerned noone does miniature medieval as well as you!

Modern MC said...

I love the picture frame windows!! And always enjoy the stories...Congrats on the magazine, friend!

Pubdoll said...

Thanks friend :-) it was really lucky they fitted the height so well! I will soon show pictures of the whole house with the new facade.

Lena said...

Stort grattis till publicerinen!
Du har så snygga bilder och saker att visa, det är du verkligen förtjänt av!


Pubdoll said...

Tusen takk Lena, det er hyggelig at vi begge nå har vært publisert i Nukkekoti :-)

Rebecca said...

Dear Helene, Congratulations! on another wonderful article :-) with so many fantastic photos - I wonder how your puns translate into Finnish, though? ;-)
I love Jon Line's room - the windows are terrific. (Does he sleep on the sofa? Is it also a sofa bed, as in your spare room? Or does he just bunk down on it as is?)
I spotted the espresso machine, but was wondering why the glasses changed colour? Presumably Polly Line was not happy with the original ones ...
Speaking of colour, I am also a bit concerned about Jon Line's colour, as it looks very like the delicate shade of yellow my mother had in the last month of her life - not healthy at all. I hope he has been to the doctor recently.

Pubdoll said...

So good to hear from you again Rebecca, how are you? I have been thinking a lot of you!

Thank you, I was quite pleased with the photos myself in the end :-) I have no idea of how my puns translates into Finnish, since it's one European languages I have no hope to learn (nor desire to learn, it's so very different from any other language I know). But Trond was looking at a very large Norwegian-Finnish dicitionary when we were in Oslo today, so maybe he can someday...

Good question about Jon's sleeping arrangements, but I must admit I don't know! It's not a sleeping sofa as far as I know, so maybe he just bunk down on it as is, as you suggested. (But I have also a suspicion that there must be some hidden rooms in Polly's house, as I have never seen a bathroom there either)

As to the glasses, well spotted! But if you look closely he has both colours in his left cupboard. He just happened to use the green ones the first time and the more orange the second time.

And no, Jon Line hasn't seen the doctor yet, but I'm sure Polly will introduce them soon. (But you're comment really made Polly quite concerned as well)

Minnie Kitchen said...

I love the kitchen!

Pubdoll said...

Thank you Minnie! Maybe you could come and make some of your delicious looking cakes there :-)

Norma said...

Many a bachelor would love a pad like that - and a housekeeper to keep it clean and tidy - and maybe a cook...

How exciting to have the house in the magazine!

Plushpussycat said...

Love your little story of Polly and Jon--so fun! I'm so glad I found your blog today!

Pubdoll said...

Thank you Norma, I don't think Jon Line got a housekeeper nor a cook with the pad, but at least the pad came with a lot of sweets from Polly and I'm sure she will help him keep the place in order as well :-)
And I was very excited and honoured to get the house published! But I was a bit disppointed when I found out that none of my previous photos was good enough to be printed larger than 10cm2 so they all had to be reshot!

Pubdoll said...

Thank you Plushpussycat, I'm very glad you found my blog as well :-)
So nice you like my little stories and I love yours about Bella and Bert!

Sans! said...

O Helene, I actually missed a 2 month old post by you! And such a wonderful one too!!!!

I am so sorry I wasn't here to congratulate on the spectacular job with the bachelor pad. I am afraid I have just found a new Pubdoll favourite room. I am still trying to figure out where is this pad though in the house.

So many many things I really love about the pad. The Metropolis poster! Were you the one who told me about this 1927 film? I fell in love with the theme when I saw it on youtube. Love the movie as well.

Then there are the comics :). Peanuts? haha Of course I love all the toys too. And is that bag of pasta his housewarming gift?

Your 7 page feature was definitely well deserved!