Sunday, 15 August 2010

Prize and Printability

One afternoon when Nora came in from the garden she was surprised to find a large load of parcels waiting for her in the entrance hall. She guessed they had arrived with the post and been brought in by Helmer or the children.

Each parcel was beautifully packed and when Nora took a closer look she saw that they were from Marottesud in the South of France.

Did you spot them? Nora's keys.
Click on the images to enlarge them

Nora loved the envelopes!

She brought the parcels up to their livingroom to unwrap them there, but they were so many she spread them out on the floor so she could show them all to you! They were the complete works of Jane Austen, one of Nora's favourite authors and they were all collectors editions with beautiful pictures inside on every double page!

See the huge pile of books on the rocket chair!

Here are some closeups of pages from some of the books, aren't they exquisite?
And again, to get a closer look at all the wonderful details click on the pictures to enlarge them.

And what a better place to read Jane Austen than in the gazebo? :-)

Credits: The books are by Danielle / MAROTTESUD, who was so kind to donate these treasures as the prize for the second MINI TREASURES WIKI's contest in July. One just had to edit a page or more to be part of the contest! I almost never win anything so I hardly couldn't believe my luck that I was picked as the winner of something as beautiful as these books! And so many! Thank you both to Johanna at the wiki and to Danielle! They have just started a NEW CONTEST where there will be a winner on FRIDAY the 20TH! Join in and edit a page or more if you want to be part of the contest!

The tiny keys was a gift long ago from Anne Mari or
Mimmi as she calls herself in blogland, but I didn't get around to make a key chain for them until now.


Daydreamer said...

Wow, Helene, Lucky you... and Nora! I love Jane Austen... and I am always amazed at the tiny books with real writing in them. I am going to HAVE to learn how to do that! I love Nora's gazebo too. So beautiful!

Pubdoll said...

Thank you Betsy, like Nora I also love Jane Austen and have read all her books at least once!(Some of them both in Norwegian and in English).

When I managed to make a readable book (I made a Quran for Sans) I'm sure you can, you are much better with such things than me! But it helps to have a good printer :-)

Mimmi said...

Så flotte bøker! Nå har Nora litt lesestoff for en stund ja. Smart med nøkkelknippe til nøklene, de er jo knapt synlige ellers. :-)

Clara said...

¡Que suerte tiene Nora! Los libros son una maravilla, espero que disfrute de su calidad! Besos Clara

callsmall said...

The books are really, really, lovely! I went straight to her shop to look at her creations :) And Nora looks like she is in heaven. She could be in that gazebo for days!! Wish I could join her...

My Realitty said...

How romantic the books look! I love Jane Austen too. Have you heard of an English tv series starring Jemima Rooper as a modern girl who goes back to Pride and Prejudice? It's called "Lost in Austen" and I watched it on computer.I found it mentioned on someone's blog. It was fun. XO CM

Rebecca said...

Congratulations Helene! And what a wonderful post you've made to share this with us. Love the title, as always - very Austenlike :-) (I meant to say about A Garden Variety Post that I loved the title, though I didn't think the post was garden variety at all!)
The wiki is very interesting - I hadn't come across it before. I'll think about joining and maybe adding a bit too. I'm thrilled that you won these wonderful books by editing some of it! I love that they're in volumes, too - very appropriate to their era. Don't suppose we'll see much of Nora for a while now! ;-)

Pubdoll said...

Hei Anne Mari, ja bøkene var utrolig nydelige! Men må innrømme at de egentlig er litt store for meg, (de er vanlig 1:12 størrelse) og Nora har ikke noen bokhyller de passer i, så jeg får kanskje passe på dem for henne :-)

Men noe som ikke var for stort var nøklene! Jeg har utsatt å lage nøkleknippe for dem inntil jeg hadde fått opp selvtilliten etter å ha laget en del miniatyrer i sommer :-)Jeg brukte de minste perlene jeg hadde og i de sterkeste fargene for at de skulle være lett å få øye på. Jeg måtte se på bildene av knippet for å oppdage eventuelle feil, reparerere de og så ta nye bilder. Tusen takk for nøklene jeg er så glad jeg fikk dem!

Pubdoll said...

Gracias Clara! Sí, estoy muy contento con los libros y Nora se siente muy feliz también!

Pubdoll said...

Thanks callsmall! I wish I could join her too, but the summer holidays are over and now it's back to the saltmines :-)

So nice you went to her Etsy store!
The books are really lovely! They are a bit on the large side for my scale, that's why I have bought books from TreeFeathers before, she has some shorter ones, but I will definitly check out Marottesud's work to see if she has some smaller ones as well, her illustrations are so exquisite!

Pubdoll said...

Hi Carol! Yes of course, being an avid fan of all things Austen I had to watch Lost in Austen! :-) (I'm a big romantic at heart)
Yes, it was fun. I didn't like the series very much at first, but the characters grew on me and in the end I really liked it! I have also watched the young Jane Austen, and all the Jane Austen mini series and movies that have been made since the famous 1995 Pride and Prejudice series. (Even the Bollywood version! :-))

Pubdoll said...

Thanks Rebecca, I feel a bit guilty now that I haven't made more fuzz about the wiki. It really is great, and has it's own Flickr group. I hope you will join the group, because pictures from the group pool can be used in the wiki. And it would be fantastic if you did some work there, since you're almost a doll's house wiki in your own right!
The page I edited was the 1:18 scale page, but when I get around to it I will do some work on the new 1:16 scale page as well. (They were the same page earlier)

And I love how I can always rely on you to take the puns :-) (I can't say my puns, because the garden variety pun was Trond's, I hadn't heard of the term before) This Jane Austen headline was mine, even though the idea was Trond's, he told me to tell you I rejected his "Lens and Legibility" (I suppose it's better, but every once and a while it's nice to be able to use one of my own puns :-))

My Realitty said...

What Bollywood version??? CM

Pubdoll said...

This Bollywood version :-)

It's called Bride and Prejudice :-)

rosanna said...

Hi Helene, thank you very much !!! I love how you displayed the cushions, it's exactly what I imagined while I was stitching them.You are great at creating new settings, just great. Thank you again, Rosanna

Pubdoll said...

Thanks Rosanna, but you know the pleasure was all mine :-) At the time I really needed the boost and the inspiration the cushions gave me!

Sans! said...

Helene, what perfect presents for you, books! Apart from anything Dr Who,maybe books are the next best thing :).

I do love the Quran that you made. One of my prized possession because it is "readable" (if only I can understand Arabic) with real pages from the book itself !

I didn't see Bride & Prejudice. Do you think I should ? Have you watched "The Jane Austen Book Club"? It's a chick flick :). There's another one called "Becoming Jane" which was about her before she was famous.

Why is it that your rooms always look like something I have never seen when I have read every single one of your posts ? :) Always different and refreshing :)

Sans! said...

O yes, those keys are amazing!!

Rebecca said...

Clever Trond, with his garden variety pun! "Lens and Legibility" is much closer to the Austen title, and appropriate too - but your "Prize and Printability" is much closer to the topics of your post - I think it's brilliant! Congrats to both of you :-)

Pubdoll said...

Thanks Sans, yes like me, the dolls can never get enough books :-)

I don't think Bride and Prejudice is a must-see, but I did enjoy seeing it. And you know that Aishwarya Rai plays Lizzie or Lalita Bakshi as she's called in this movie. And Martin Henderson who played Darcy wasn't too bad either. Nothing like Colin Firth of course, but then who is :-)

One thing which is different with my rooms is that I have become a better photographer after I started blogging :-)

And so nice you noticed the keys! Except for Anne Mari, who gave me the tiny keys, you're the first :-)

I had to make a keychain for them beacuse they're so tiny they're almost invisible for the naked eye! Actually there were four keys, the other two were even tinier, but when I removed them from the metal they were attached to, they fell on the floor, and even though I searched for an hour with a strong lamp for help, I wasn't able to find them since they are smaller than the smallest dust on the floor!

Pubdoll said...

Thanks again Rebecca :-) Now we can stop fighting over who's the funniest. Your middle name isn't by any chance Solomon?