Monday, 30 August 2010


On the last Sunday of August each year, there's a large street market taking place called "Snipetorpmarken" just a few minutes walk from where we live, in the street down towards the town centre.

This year there were as many as 120 market stalls and almost 15. 000 people visiting during the four hours the market was open. Not bad for a town with a population of about 50. 000. Here are some photos I took to show you, I also bought two miniatures that I will show you in a later post. Because of the moving crowd it was hard to get good photos, but if you google Snipetorpmarken I'm sure you will find many other photos and much better ones too :-)

This house with a pottery shop on the ground floor won a prize for restoration this year.

In a basement by the street there is a tiny art exhibition which is open just this one Sunday each year.

But some are more interested in babies than art.

At the market you can buy all kinds of crafts, local food, old books and other second hand items. Here's some nice pottery.

Some of the visitors were slightly taller than the others

And some were dressed up in period clothes from Ibsen's time. The house to the right has a plaque commemorating that Henrik Ibsen lived there for three adolescent months. (I think it's a bit too short to make a fuzz about..)

More tall ladies.

A sudden shower, but it seems almost everyone was prepared.

UPDATE: A comment from Sans reminded me I forgot to tell you that the Snipetorp area was the only part of town that survived the great town fire in 1886 and it contains many 17th and 18th century buildings. The profit from the street market goes back to the area and has made it possible to pay for old style street lamps and trashbins and stone pavement.


Sans! said...

I wish I was there :). Sure look to me like you were doing a whole load of people watching. I can understand why that can be way more interesting than art or old pots or ...ok, maybe not always as interesting as books ..hehe.

By the way this street looks really interesting. Are the houses really old? I wanted to ask you about the movie "Body of Lies" where there was a bombed scene supposedly in Norway. Have you seen it?

Oh, did you buy anything?

Pubdoll said...

Hi Sans! I wish you had been there too :-) But I was there with a girl from work, and we had a great time too and spent most of the time in the book stalls. I found two books. One cute one with local history, very local, just from my neighbourhood, and one quite old with 48 pictures and biographies of old Norwegian moviestars, it even had their addresses! I can't wait to show you the mniatures I bought, I'm sure you will love them! :-)

And you know the babywatching people, I just noticed them when I put the pictures into the pc! Sometimes you get lucky :-)

The houses are the oldest part of Skien, except for one house on the other side of town, these were the only houses that survived the big town fire in 1886. Thanks for reminding me, I will update the post!

Pubdoll said...

By the way Sans, I checked the movie Body of Lies, I haven't seen it and didn't find anything coonecting it to Norway, but you could still be right though! (I checked the trivia about the movie on imdb, and they listed many different countries were the plot is set.)

My Realitty said...

Love it Pubdoll! Thanks for the outing! I will take pictures of my Sunday "farmer's market" and put them up so you can visit me!
I LOVE that triang you noted on my blog. They must be Very rare.I will blog about it mid month with your help! Thank you, Carol

Mimmi said...

Det så koselig ut å rusle rundt i gatene der med masse boder :-)

Pan said...

Looks to be a great market. I love shopping!

Oese said...

Hi Pubdoll, it is so nice that you show us some other things / part of your life than the dollhouse-miniatures and persons. I like that your blog is clear and straight in this case, but I love that you make some exceptions sometimes.
It seems to be a big feast! Since I'm in miniatures I love this markets too. Before (and while suffering in ADHS) it was not allways a pleasure to me.
I guess you and the girl from your work had a nice day and I'm eager to see your minis too.

Pubdoll said...

Thanks Carol, you must do that, I love to visit markets! :-) I don't know much more about the modern Triang houses than the photo I have shown you, but I did read a long story about the Lines Brothers somewhere, I will try to find it. Usually everything I know about dollhouses I have learnt from Rebecca, but I think I found this on the net in the very beginning of my blogging days. I look forward to you posting about the houses!

Pubdoll said...

Takk Anne Mari, det er alltid veldig hyggelig på Snipetorpmarken! Synd at Snipetorpmarkedet og dukkehusmessa kolliderer, men pga SIMP var valget enkelt i år.

Pubdoll said...

Thanks Pan, me too :-)

Pubdoll said...

Thanks Oese, so nice you like this non-miniature post too :-) I have tried to keep this blog strictly about miniatures and my dolls, but this street market and area is so special to me, I wanted to share it with you guys. But it took me a whole day to decide I would post the photos :-)