Monday, 14 September 2009

Paris, en messe verdt

ENG: Because of the sudden businesscall Karl Edo had to go to Paris instead of attending the Stavanger trade show. But he managed to do some private shopping as well. I must admit I was a bit surprised about what he brought home from some of Paris' many antiques shops: an art nouveau mirror and an art deco clock isn't what I usually associate with the Spook House style. But it seems he knew what he was doing, because they do look rather nice together with the candleholders he also bought there and the Nora Guldbrandsen vase.

NOR: På grunn av presserende forretninger måtte Karl Edo måtte dra til Paris istedenfor å dra på handelsmessen i Stavanger, men han rakk da å få handlet litt til seg selv i Paris også.
Jeg var litt overrasket over hva han hadde med seg hjem fra de mange antikvitetsbutikkene i Paris; et art nouveau speil og en art deco klokke er ikke akkurat det jeg forbinder med Spook House-stilen. Men det virker som om han vet hva han gjør, for de ser jo ganske bra ut sammen med lysestakene han også kjøpte der og Nora Guldbrandsen-vasen.

ENG: Karl Edo wasn't at home when these pictures were taken. It's election day, so he was out voting. (When he came home he told me he voted for The Democratic Tupperware Party)

NOR: Karl Edo var ikke hjemme da disse bildene ble tatt, som den gode borger han er var han ute og avga sin stemme i Stortingsvalget. (Han fortalte meg da han kom hjem at han hadde stemt på Det Liberale Hofteparti)

UPDATE 15.09.09:

(With 99.8 of the votes counted)

The Mutual Surprise Party 42.0%
The Inevitable Reunion Party 10.0%
The Conservative Beach Party 6.6%
The Democratic Tupperware Party 6.9%
The United Working Bee Party 14.1%
The Pot Luck Dinner Party 7.2%
The Innocent Third Party 13.0%
The Anarchist Search and Rescue Party 0.2%

Thanks to Rebecca and Geir for helping me with the results!

NOR: OG HER ER VALGRESULTATENE: (Etter at 99.8 av stemmene er talt opp)

Kald Front - 3.2%
Et Godt Parti 28%
Inngangspartiet 5.1%
Det Liberale Hofteparti 6.9%
Progressivt Hakeparti 7.0%
Det Nye Varepartiet 17.8%
Rått Parti (Tidligere Fischers Legendariske Sjakkparti) 38.4%


Leo Furtado said...

Parabéns pelo trabalho; um belo ambiente moderno, nas cores, nos móveis e objetos!

Sans said...

What great finds! And terribly unusual too especially the art nouveau mirror. I know a few friends (including me) who will kill for a life size version of that mirror. The vintage pieces go very well with the whole retro feel. I like how that floor lamp just light up the room. But Tupperware party??! LOL, now we definitely know where Karl's preferences lie !!

püppilottchen said...

hahaha - "The Democratic Tupperware Party" ;D funny party i would like to vote on our election day at the end of september! we have to elect our new (or old) chancellor and i really don´t know which one i should vote... i want a new party here in germany!!!

carl edo has bought lovely things in paris! i´m still a fan of his style and the mirror is great together with the clock and the vase!


Rebecca said...

Karl Edo has great style. The art nouveau mirror is just on the edge of art deco, not full-blown curves, and works brilliantly in terms of shapes and texture with all the other elements of this room. Love it!
What other political parties stood in this election? The Pot Luck Dinner Party, perhaps? The United Working Bee Party?
By the way, where is the tiny green chair from? It looks so good with the black Lundby ones.

Pubdoll said...

Obrigada Leo, estou muito feliz que você gostou :-)

Pubdoll said...

Thanks Sans I have a art nouveau mirror myself, bought in Paris (!), but my mirror is very feminine.
I thought this more straight lined art nouveau was a bit more masculin:-) But I guess you don't consider Karl Edo to be the most masculin of men:-)

But I'm glad you thought it went well with his other stuff!

Pubdoll said...

Thank you Nicola! I wanted some new parties here as well, there is no party I'm very satisfied with, perhaps that's why I felt the need to invent a new one :-)

So glad you still like his style, I thought it was rather difficult to put this room together.

Pubdoll said...

Thank you Rebecca! Yes isn't the mirror lovely, and it's a real antique! I also thought it was on the edge to art deco, but I love both styles. I'm glad you thought it worked well with the more modern elements.

I hadn't heard of the Pot Luck Dinner Party before, but I guess that's what Polly Line would have voted, she likes a good party :-) Nora prefers parties where she can be in control, I guess she's more of a voter for The United Working Bee Party :-) Arne Vaa gave his vote to The Conservative Beach Party and Helmer voted for The Mutual Surprise Party !

By the way, the tiny green chair is from a Re-ment set.

callsmall said...

I love the Art Deco accents, and totally think the style works in a modern setting. I am always on the look for Art Deco items -- great finds!

Pubdoll said...

Thanks callsmall, so fun you love Art Deco as well! I hope you find a new camera soon, so we can get more of your great set ups!

Julianna said...

Karl has bought such a nice things. :) That mirror is really beautiful!

Pubdoll said...

Thank you Julianna! Karl Edo was very happy with the mirror too and is glad so many of you liked it as well :-)

Anne Mari said...

He, he, jeg og mannen min lo høyt av disse partiene! :-D Er så gøy å lese bloggen din, du er så kreativ.

Pubdoll said...

Tusen takk Anne Mari, så kjekt at dere likte dem! Mannen min og jeg hadde det gøy når vi fant på navnene :-)

petitenouveau said...

I love how you mixed the older pieces into a modern setting. You have such a knack for that. The little art deco clock and the tiny green chair are my favorites. Thanks for adding it was re-ment too.

Pubdoll said...

Thanks Christy!
In addition to your posts I have missed your nice comments as well :-)