Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Finnes det en kvinne

ENG: I'm starting to get a bit worried about Helmer. Callsmall sent him a new guitar and now he's sitting in his study all day, singing and daydreaming of his female fans. One of the songs I heard him singing is by the Norwegian band de Lillos:

Will I find a woman, and will she tell me when?
She may need a bit of spine since I'm stubborn now and then
She'll have to hold my hand if something scary's going on
But mainly she'll just be there, with sweetness and with fun

Will I find the woman, or will she come my way,
who will bring me little presents and smile to me all day.
That I'm a handsome guy, it's a fact she'll never hide
And she'll buy me drinks and tickets for a movie or a ride

It would be nice if she had a job that pays her fairly well
For I'll just sing and play the guitar and the truth is it
will never sell
The things I care the most for are myself and my guitar
But something by the name of love will reach her from afar

Something by the name of love, something by the name of love
Something by the name of love, something by the name of love

(I'm sorry about the blurry picture, I think my concern made my hand a bit unsteady)

NOR: Jeg er blitt litt bekymret for Helmer. Callsmall sendte ham en ny gitar og nå sitter han hele dagen på kontoret sitt og synger mens hans dagdrømmer om beundrerinnene sine.
En av sangene jeg hørte ham synge var denne av de Lillos:

Finnes det en kvinne en slik som jeg vil ha
Hun kan gjerne være streng for jeg kan jo bli litt sta
Og hun må holde meg i hånden hvis noe farlig skulle skje
Men ellers være snill og prøve å få meg til å le

Finnes det en kvinne en slik som jeg vil ha
Som kan gi meg små presanger og søte smil hver dag
Og alltid må hun si at jeg er den peneste
Og spandere røyk og kino og en middag på café

Og hun må gjerne ha en jobb hvor hun tjener ganske bra
For jeg skal bare spille gitar og det blir neppe noe å leve av
Og stort sett er jeg egentlig bare opptatt av meg selv
Men noe som heter kjærlighet det skal hun få allikevel

Noe som heter kjærlighet, noe som heter kjærlighet
Noe som heter kjærlighet, noe som heter kjærlighet

(Beklager det dårlige bildet, jeg tror bekymringen gjorde meg litt ustø på hånda.)

ENG: If someone is interested in the melody as well, I found it here on youtube, but I'm afraid the clip is of a rather poor quality.

ENG: Some new interior details. NOR: Noen nye interiørdetaljer.

- Thank you for the fab guitar callsmall!

Credits: Translation of lyrics: Hubby - thanks! Guitar from callsmall, Arne Jacobsen Egg chair from Brio, other furniture Lundby. Accessories are Lundby, Re-ment, Cocco and Treefeather. Pendant lamps and T-shirt with Henrik Ibsen print by Cocco.


Oese said...

Callsmall is such a nice and friendly woman - so nice to give us these unbelievable real-looking guitars.
I loved the first version of helmers study, but noticed the changes after seeing the old pics on flickr once again.
By the way: Cocco is so talented and (I guess) nice woman too.
Now I will hear to the song - and don't worry about helmer. He will go his way, I'm sure.

Pubdoll said...

Yes, isn't she! I love the guitar (and you can see Helmer did as well :-)) And yes, so is Cocco. I forgot first to write it, but she also made the hanging lamps.
And I'm sure Helmer will be fine, it seems he always is ;-)

callsmall said...

The guitar looks great with Helmer! I am glad he is trying to work out his problems with music.:) Cocco's lamps are amazing -- they really add to the vibe of this scene! YOU and Oese are a very nice women -- it has been very nice to connect with such talented ladies who share common interests, despite our geographical differences!

petitenouveau said...

This bookshelf is cracking me up; Young Reader, Butterflies and...Playboy! Helmer, Helmer, Helmer. LOL!

Rebecca said...

Hi Helene, nice to see Helmer's Playboy and pin-up! I'll show the photos to Tim :-) He doesn't have a guitar, but I think he might like the song anyway!

Sans said...

So much personality in this room :) and so typical of a song writer. I really like the guitar too and did not know that they come in 1:16. Lucky girl :)! By the way, those Vespa pin up is a jewel. You know what, I can;t find the playboy! lol. Gotta go look again , sneaking peeks during office hours and getting interrupted every 30 secs.

Pubdoll said...

Thanks the same callsmall!
Very nice doing "business" with you :-)
By the way, Cocco's lamps are made of pen tips.

Pubdoll said...

Thanks petit nouveau :-) I'm a bit ashamed of Helmer right now, but I blame Tim and Rebecca. If Helmer hadn't seen that post, I think he would have continued to keep his magazines hidden away :-)

Natalie said...

ha! ha! naughty Helmer, brilliant guitar!
lovely space! he looks so comfortable!
I really love looking at your pictures and reading your blog!

Pubdoll said...

Hi Rebecca, as you may have read I blame the pin up on Tim! I think Helmer really liked his home :-) I must admit I hadn't seen this side of Helmer before. But in his defence, the little diploma over the record player says, "the best boyfriend in the world". So I guess Nora isn't too unhappy with him :-)

Pubdoll said...

Thanks Sans! This room has been more or less the same for ages, I just added Helmer's personal details to it. (And a lot of books)
Both the office desk, the radio, the telephone, the egg chair and large book shelf are kept from my childhood. And I found the little cabinet on a fair about 15 years ago.
The vespa posters are from a pub magazine I have had for many years as well, and the magazine was one of the reasons I made the pub too.

I have sneak-answered some comments during the day, but luckily now my working day is over, so I can do it with a good conscience :-)

Pubdoll said...

He, he, thank you so much Natalie! Yes, he is a bit naughty isn't he? I didn't know he was until now :-)
And the guitar is really great, I was so happy to get it!