Sunday, 18 October 2009

New light on dirty laundry

ENG: Last week I let my dolls see Rebecca's blog where the Praegers were cleaning their home, in the hope that they would follow their good example, since none of their houses have been cleaned for a while. But Nora said Martha, the cleaning lady, was expected this week, and didn't see the point in cleaning the house first. But I reminded her there was also a lot of laundry to be done, and even installed a ceiling lamp in the utility room to make it easier for her to see what she's doing. And here she's at work!

NOR: Sist helg viste jeg dukkene Rebeccas blogg og posten hvor familien Praeger gjorde rent, i håp om at de ville følge deres gode eksempel, siden ingen av husene deres hadde blitt rengjort på en stund.
Men Nora sa at siden Martha, rengjøringshjelpen, skulle komme til uken, så hun ikke noe poeng i å gjøre rent først. Men jeg minte henne på at det også hadde hopet seg opp med skittentøy på vaskerommet og for å gjøre det enklere å få gjort arbeidet satte jeg også inn en taklampe der. Og her er hun i gang!

ENG: Here is the utility room afterwards. The vacuum cleaner is gone, so I wonder if someone has changed their mind about not cleaning?
NOR: Her er vaskerommet etterpå. Støvsugeren er borte, så jeg lurer på om noen har skiftet mening?

Credits: Washing machine and sink with laundry drawers from Lundby. Led light in the ceiling.
Work bench from Playmobil with re-painted top. Accessories from Playmobil and Re-ment.


Natalie said...

I love the vacuum cleaner! such a sweet colour! and the utility room is lovely! It all goes together beautifully! the sunroom is great! and the flowers!

I'm thrilled to see the lego extension! love it! its one of my favourites!

I should let my dolls know how therapeutic, cleaning can be ;-)

Pubdoll said...

Thank you Natalie!
Lime green is one of my favourite colours, and my kitchen walls are lime green ( a bit more yellow green than the vacuum cleaner though).
And the lego extension is one of my own favourites too. It's been designed by Polly Line :-)

Sadly cleaning is never therapeutic for me, I don't like doing housework. Doing miniatures is much more fun :-)

petitenouveau said...

I agree, I am in awe every time you post the lego house. If I had a set up like this our laundry might get done before it takes over the basement. Thanks for posting the Playmobil unit too. I've eyed them on eBay but wasn't sure enough about the scale to pull the trigger.

callsmall said...

Wait -- I always clean before the cleaning woman comes!! It's a bit crazy, but necessary. I love the vacuum as well. I'll have to keep my eyes open for lime green minis to send your way :)

Sans said...

So many little details I really like in such a small space, Helene!

The little window(?) that you leave open and I think that was the light that you fixed? Wish I could see the ceiling light in better details. As you know, I like to see light fixtures :).

Like everyone else, your vacuum cleaner and all those detergent liquids and other killer solution.

AND my goodness, the little mop! and how you stack it on top of the pail like in real life :).

This is at once a typical yet atypical utility room! Congratz!

Pubdoll said...

Thank you so much petitenouveau!
I'm very glad you like my lego extension so much, but I don't know if I would have done more laundry if I had it, it's not so convenient going outdoors first :-)

I stopped buying miniatures on eBay this summer, but started buying Playmobil in the local toyshop instead. I bought a whole garage just to get the few items displayed here. My daughter didn't mind though :-) But usually Playmobil is a bit too small for me.

Pubdoll said...

Ha, ha, callsmall! So do I :-) At least the kitchen and bath. But I think the "worst" part of having a cleaning lady is you have to tidy up all your clutter before she comes:-)

When it comes to lime green, it's a bit strange. I love lime green in real life, but none of my dolls seems to do it :-)

Pubdoll said...

Thanks Sans, so glad you liked it! And I too love my little collection of detergent liquids :-)
I had to rearrange the utility room, just to display them. My favourites are the Playmobil oil cans.
If you like I can send you a photo of the ceiling light. It's really far too big for the scale, but uses battery, so it's practical.
And I think the cold led light is quite right for a utility room.

Oese said...

Oh - I left a comment, but it was lost.
I said, that Nora looks very elegant and stylish and that she improves her tastefulness with the choice of this vacuum cleaner.
I have the same one, but in orange and blue, how common.

Pubdoll said...

Thank you Oese! Nora was very pleased to see your comment :-)
I have already spotted the vacuum cleaner in some of your pictures and I have it in that colour as well, since I have bought quite a lot of Playmobil recently :-) I liked it very much in that colour too, but thought the lime green suited this room better.

Oese said...

I allways look for playmobile too, some items are perfect for our mini-scenes, but some are so plastic-like and not good. sadly for me the most people sells the nice items with the "Playmo-Männchen" and I don't need them. On the last fleamarkt I gave them as a gift to a little boy, he was very pleased.

Rebecca said...

How nice that my dolls inspired yours, Helene! But maybe you won't be showing them Tim's room? ;^)
I love this room and all the accessories in it. Having the laundry outside is not so good, though - once I lived in a flat where the laundry was outside and under the house, not pleasant in winter at all!!

Pubdoll said...

Thanks Rebecca! I'm glad they did too, since I'm not fond of cleaning, it's so much better when the dolls do their own housework.
But I'm afraid Helmer has already seen your newest post :-)
At least I guess he has, because the Playboy magazine he had kept hidden away because of Nora, was more up in the open the last time I took pictures of the room.

I thought of making a door from the utilityroom to the entrance hall, but since I'm not very handy, and also didn't want to loose any wall space in the rooms, I never did.