Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Welcome and cheers!

Helmer and I will also welcome Grace to this blog! (How did you know where to find us?)
I love both her blog and her wonderful miniature books!
Almost all the books in this selfmade shelf are hers and I have also another shelf with the even smaller books she makes!
She is also nice, I'm still very grateful for the Pippi Langstrømpe book (with the frontpage in Norwegian!) she sent me as an extra.


TreeFeathers said...

Thanks for the welcome! I followed a link here from another blog, that's how I found it. I love seeing your miniatures - and I didn't even realize those were my books, how exciting to see that! I'm glad you enjoy them. I look forward to seeing more of your minis.

- Grace

Sans said...

Something I like in here too, the little urn on the floor next to the fire. Looks oriental/ Indian lol although when I was in Spain, I found many Ottoman art form. So I guess it could be early European too?

Pubdoll said...

Thank you, San! I like it a lot too, but I must admit it's swedish - Lundby!
It came with the fire set, and I got it when I was a child. Infact this room is part of a Lundby extension floor I have had since my childhood!
But the lamp hanging there is a piece of jewelry my mother bought in Marocco when I was 14 years old!