Tuesday, 23 June 2009


ENG: Tonight Nora and Helmer spend midsummer's eve with their family and friends. And although this years bonfire was kept small as a precaution after weeks of dry weather, they all enjoyed watching it being lit.

NOR: I kveld tilbrakte Nora og Helmer St. Hansaftenen med familie og venner. Og selv om årets bål var mindre pga brannfaren etter den siste tidas finvær, syntes alle det var stas å se på at bålet ble tent.

Who's that man with an eye for Polly Line?

Hvem er denne karen med blikk for Polly Line?

Credits: Table and chairs: cafe set from Mighty World, ladybird vase from Re-ment, jug from Lundby.


Oese said...

Pubdoll, du bist einfach spitze!

Pubdoll said...

Danke Oese und fröhliche sonnenwende!
Jetzt kann es nur noch abwärts gehen :-)

Super Cool Doll House said...

I love it!

Pubdoll said...

Thanks Super Cool Doll House!

Rebecca said...

A real fire, and a time traveller! I'm not sure that this augurs well for Polly Line - where (and in what era) will we see her next?
Happy Winter Solstice from Downunder!

Josje, said...

What fun! For a second I thought this was you and your family. I thought 'My word that redhead has a lot of hair' and then 'oh my, what happened to her legs?' Only to realise then it was a miniature scene!
I love this time of year when it doesn't get completely dark (even here in Holland, when the sun goes down, very late, the sky stays dimly lit). Such a shame the days get shorter from now on!

Sans said...

Helene, this is such a great scene! Is this how you spend midsummer? With a bonfire? Why? Also, I don't think I can recognise anyone from their backs, except maybe Karl (sitting down, black), and maybe Helmer (blue t-shirt?) Is Nora in green? Why is she in winter wear? Something new she made? :). Aunt Polly is in blue with big hair?) And all the old men. Who are they?LOL I want to get to know everyone!

Pubdoll said...

Happy Winter Solstice Rebecca!
I'm as intrigued as you are to see when and where this will end :-)

Pubdoll said...

Ha, ha, thanks Josje, what a great compliment!
I love this time of year too, especially the evenings before the sun sets and it's not so hot and it's more quiet. And the long days are excellent for taking my photos too:)

Pubdoll said...

Thanks Sans, lol!
Bonfire on midsummer eve has been a tradition since the heathen days. On this night the bonfire was believed to have magic powers and that it could keep witches and evil spirits away.
Nora is wearing the turquoise outfit and is chatting with Helmer.
Polly Line is the one in the green coat, which is not as warm as it seems to be. Even in the summer the evenings can be a bit chilly here, but perhaps I will have to get her a summer jacket too :-)
And if you're still confused you will be even more so after the next episode of Pubdolls :-)

callsmall said...

Neat! Hot stuff! The cafe set looks great -- I have been trying to get my hands on one for some time. They don't sell it in the US, nor have I found it shippable to the US online, only Europe. Now that I am in Spain, perhaps I can track one down!

Pubdoll said...

Thanks callsmall - lol!
I love the cafe set, I read the tip Christy gave you on your blog and ordered it from Amazon uk! Had to pay a lot in postage and tax though. But it came with a lot of stuff, most of them I gave to my daughter (ha, ha, she get's quite a lot leftovers from me), but some I kept for myself, e.g. the counter, which I loved too!
I don't find much nice furniture or accessories in Norwegian shops so I do most of my shopping on the net.

Anne Mari said...

Ser ut som de har hatt en flott St.Hans! :-) Alltid morsomt å lese bloggen din!

Pubdoll said...

Tusen takk Anne Mari! Så hyggelig du stikker innom her :-)

Janne said...

Du er jammen flinke med de herlige historiene dine ,takk for oppsumeringen av familie forholdene !Bare koselig !
Hilsen Janne

Pubdoll said...

Tusen takk Janne!
Så kjekt å høre at du liker historiene mine :-)