Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The Orient Expressed

ENG: Inspired by Sans wonderful, funny blog I gathered most of my orientalia and made these scenes!

NOR: Inspirert av Sans eventyrlige og morsomme blog samlet jeg sammen det meste av mine orientalia og lagde disse scenene!

Credits: Brown furniture, one blue vase, white and blue elephant and incense burner are by Rement.
The hanging lamp is a piece of Maroccan jewelry. The sidetable is made by me out of screws, a mirror and folded paper. The large blue vase is bought inVenice. The carpets are Lundby and ebay finds. The table is a gift and the rest is finds and gifts received through the years.


Oese said...

Wie wunderschön das alles ist. So etwas kann man nicht wie ich "mal eben" machen. Da muss man wohl wirklich viele Jahre sammeln wie du. Ich weiß gar nicht, was ich am schönsten finde. Alles.
Weißt du, ich habe als Kind in den 60ern nicht nur Raumschiff Enterprise geliebt, auch Bezaubernde Jeannie war ein Renner. Kennst du sie? Ich möchte irgendwann einmal ihre Flasche von innen nachbauen, aber wie gesagt, so "mal eben" geht das nicht. Danke, dass du uns in den Orient entführt hast und gute Nacht.

Pubdoll said...

Vielen dank Oese! Ich bin von deiner preis sehr geehrt, wenn du so schöne moderne orientalischen Szenen gemacht hast!
Seit ich ein Kind war, habe ich den orientalischen Stihl gemocht, und
auch so lange gesammelt!
Die Bezaubernde Jeannie habe ich leider nicht gesehen. Meine Favorit war die Zauberflüte:)

petitenouveau said...

I'm always so inspired by your posts. This one makes me want to dig out all of my mini oriental rugs and see what I can make. It looks so cozy, like you want to sit right in the middle. : )

Sans said...

awwwwww! Don't move anything!!! There may be some tiny additions :).

By now, I can recognise most of what you displayed, except the teapots, I haven't seen or may have missed. This is sooooooo comfy :). I feel like we could be neighbours, Helene. How nice if that were so.

Helene, I am going to email you about an international project ;)

Rement has some beautiful oriental furniture. Those floor cushions are beautiful. I am trying to make some later when I have the rooms for display. Oh dear, poor Helma and Nora. Their basement is hardly intact now :). Is it a mess though or has it been re-decorated?

Rebecca said...

Such a rich scene! I love the light - it makes it look very mysterious. And the elephants are great.
We had 'I Dream of Jeannie' on TV here in the 60s. I don't remember it well, but I think this setting is much richer than hers!

Pubdoll said...

Thanks Christy! So nice of you to say so! I look forward to see the result! I have even more oriental mini rugs but they didn't fit in with the colour scheme.

Pubdoll said...

Too late Sans:) And thanks! I made this in the evening and took pictures first thing in the morning to get the light right. In the evening I then put it all back in it's place in Nora and Helmer's basement so I could take the pictures I posted for you on Flickr. The only thing that was a bit tricky was to get the light in my Maroccan "lamp". I used a battery resting on top of the curtain rails and used wire extensions so I got the lamp in the right height.
The teapot/coffepot? you can see in the second last picture on the stairshelf.

Pubdoll said...

Thank you Rebecca! I used the morning light, coming from the east:)
I love the elephants too! The two smallest ones were bought in a shop next to my office!

püppilottchen said...

screws, a mirror and folded paper.... genial!

und du sprichst deutsch - noch besser!! :)

good night i´ll dream oriantal dreams!! nicola

Pubdoll said...

Vielen dank Nicola!
Ich kann jedenfalls Deutsch schreiben, aber nicht wie schnell als Englisch:)
Ich benütze oft meine Wörterbücher und eine alte Grammatik von meinen Schultagen.

Good night!

püppilottchen said...

hallo, helene

also dein deutsch ist toll! ja, wörtebuch und grammatik :) das sollte ich auch besser benutzen um englisch schreiben ;D
but i just use the LEO deutsch-englisch wörterbuch at the web and grammer - i hated it at school and i´m still not used to grammer ;D so my english always sound a bit german or like a little child wrote it - but anyway people understand me.

have a nice weekend, nicola

Pubdoll said...

Thanks Nicola!
And your English seems perfect to me!

Hope you have a nice weekend, too!
Liebe Grüsse