Sunday, 21 June 2009

La vespetta

NOR: Helmer fikk denne bittelille vespaen (til høyre..) laget av en av jentene i det kommende palasset til Sans, som likte bildene av ham på vespaen hans så godt! Vespaen kom ulakket, som du kan se her. Men nå har han fått lakket den og var så fornøyd med resultatet at han tok med vespaen til Karl Edo Spooks hus for å få skryt av ham og Arne Vaa.

ENG: Helmer got this tiny vespa (to the right..) from one of the girls from Sans' palace-to-be , who liked the pictures of him on his vespa very much. The vespa came unpainted, as you can see here. But now he has got it painted and was so pleased with the result, he took the vespa to Karl Edo Spook's place to show it off to him and Arne Vaa. When I took this photo of them for the blog, he waved his hand to say hi and thanks to Sans' girl!

NOR: Nå står vespaen på arbeidsrommet hans, så han kan kikke på den og drømme seg bort.
ENG: Now the vespa's in his study, so he can look at it and let his dreams fly east.

Credits: Stockholm house: Barcelona chair from Reac, table and "tent" from Re-ment. Helmers study: Carpet, shelf and lamp by Lundby. Recordplayer by Barton/Lundby. Arne Jakobsen egg chair by Brio, vespa from Sans, painted by me, accessories from Lundby and ebay finds.


Oese said...

Nein, wie süß ist das denn? Die kleine Vespa war mir hinter der Wasserpfeife gar nicht aufgefallen. Ich möchte auch so eine haben!
Die große Vespa find ich schon toll, aber nun auch noch die Miniausgabe - ja wir werden einfach immer kleiner.....

Pubdoll said...

Danke Oese! Es würde sicher sehr gut mit deinen mini-mini-Häuser passen, nicht war? :-)
Ich bin sehr froh daß ich es gekriegt habe, ein tolles Geschenk!

callsmall said...

I LOVE both Vespas! Nothing cuter than a mini in a mini!!

Sans said...

It is sooooooooo well done!!! I notice the little "stopper" or whatchamacallit that you have made for the tiny Vespa so that it can stand now and it is clever because it now look like a close replica of the "real" Vespa! The "Boys" pic is sooo great too and they look like they are admiring some mini Vespa kit that Helmer has just assembled. My girl has just lifted her veil a little to look at Helmer and is blushing a deep red!

Pubdoll said...

Thanks callsmall, less is more (fun)!

Pubdoll said...

Thank you Sans!
As I said earlier, there wasn't many colours to choose from in the shop, but I am quite happy with how it turned out.
I glued the "stopper" with glue that is a bit flexible, so Helmer can bend it a little bit backwords if he chooses to!
Helmer had a slight blush when he read your comment too! (I guess all this unexpected female attention is embarrasing him a little bit)